Monday, June 21, 2010

DEMF POP QUIZ - TRUE OR FALSE: Movement Festival 2010

Test your knowledge Interesting Questions, Facts, and Information

  1. True or False? Magda played the best set ever at the Voyage Royale party.

  2. True or False? DEMF/Movement was not a trending topic on Twitter.

  3. True or False? The CENTRE ST SOCIAL, along with several other afterparties, were shut down on Staturday night by Detroit law enforcement.

  4. True or False? During Monday's down pour all but one stage was shut down. All stages later reopened and Movement Festival was back in business.

  5. True or False? This year was the 10th Anniversary of DEMF/Movement.

  6. True or False? Richie Hawtin played on 2 different stages during the festival.

  7. True or False? Carl Craig was the creative director of Movement 2010.

  8. True or False? Kid Rock help sponsor the sound in the Torino Stage.

  9. True or False? Richie Hawtin played at Reliv for $5 Monday night.

  10. True or False? Droid Behavior's Drumcell was scheduled to play Monday.

  1. FALSE. Maybe if she had showed up. But Cassy, Carola and Richie did rock the boat.

  2. TRUE. Sadly, it wasn't but this should be our goal as a community next year.

  3. TRUE. Seems like every year I go to Detroit there's a shooting some where.

  4. TRUE. All stages but the Made in Detroit stage where shut down on Monday due to rain.

  5. TRUE. In 2009 there was some debate about the actual 10 year
    anniversary, but it was this year - 2010.

  6. FALSE. This was a trick question, he played as Plastikman on the Vitamin Water Stage and Richie Hatwin on the Beatport Stage.

  7. TRUE. He has returned after a small hiatus.

  8. FALSE. He did sponsor sound for the Made in Detroit stage. He is a big supporter of Movement, its the second time he has sponsored a stage.

  9. TRUE. Very true and it was so packed!

  10. FALSE. He was not scheduled to play, but he did play before Chris Liebing on the Beat Port Stage.

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