Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Electric Days Carnival Photo Scavenger Hunt

Whattimeisyourflight is sending Courtney and Ryan on a photo scavenger hunt at the Electric Daisy Carnival June 25th and 26th.

Let's see how many of items below they can find. If you have any other items that might be fun for them to track down just leave a comment. Results will be posted the following week.
  1. Gas prices of that day at a gas station close to the event.
  2. Close-up of your event bracelet/badge/ticket.
  3. Funny Drug T-shirts (3).
  4. Some one in full character costume (2 or 3) - Examples a Mad Hatter, Avatar, Spiderman, Waldo, any super hero or character.
  5. Best ride at the event.
  6. Some one with a funny sign.
  7. Real Daisies
  8. Drum circle.
  9. Candy Ravers with fluffy boots.
  10. Glowsticks.
  11. Some one sleeping or passed out. Try not to get there face. :)
  12. An awesome close-up of a good face paint job.
  13. The entrance sign.
  14. Lazers.
  15. The news paper headlines on the day(s).
  16. Some one that looks like they don't belong. Open to interpretation.
  17. Someone really old.
  18. Cool sneakers or shoes.
  19. VIP Cabanas.
  20. A photo of the Crazy Coaster in its entirety.
  21. A list of time slots or line up.
  22. Fire, not from a lighter.
  23. An unexpected surprise. Open to interpretation.
  24. Someone eating a hot dog (other than Courtney or Ryan).
  25. Something that has the word insomniac on it.
  26. Flyer for an after party.
  27. Someone handing out a promo CD.
  28. Someone that oozes sex appeal.
  29. A scary freak.
  30. A Dj playing at the event you've never heard or heard of.
  31. Event map.
  32. A complete shot of each stage.
  33. Olympic rings.
  34. Falling confetti.
  35. Close-up of some one with a weird, funny mask.
  36. Stilt walkers.
  37. Merry-Go-Rounds.
  38. Someone with a tootoo skirt on.
  39. A happy couple.
  40. Someone really young.
  41. An interesting clothing booth or vendor stand.
  42. A dancer on stage.
  43. A guy carrying a girl on his shoulders.
  44. Someone dressed as a clown.
  45. Street sign with the name of the street where EDC is located.
  46. The Kamikaze.
  47. A picture with someone you had a great encounter with.
  48. The outside of the arena at night.
  49. Someone eating cotton candy.
  50. A portrait of each act you saw.
  51. A close-up of a kid's had with way too many candy or color beaded bracelets.
  52. A good pic of Daedelus in action.
  53. A close-up hippie boy with dreadlocks.
  54. Someone almost naked. Or naked.
  55. Close-up of an amazing tattoo.
  56. An acrobatic dancer in the middle of a move.
  57. Courtney doing a handstand. (Special Request from Anonymous Comment)
  58. Misting Station.
  59. Water slide.
  60. Bumper Cars.


  1. 56. Courtney doing a handstand.

  2. Double stacking (1 person sits on the other person shoulder and the 3rd person get on top of the 2nd)

    I did this at TAO or Ngoc. Forgot but it was awesome :D

  3. Double Stacking sounds dangerous or maybe I'm getting old.