Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Long Days in Detroit

Friday – The Road Less Traveled

Friday night I decided to go check out Ellen Allien at the Majestic theater, instead of going with the popular crowd to Yel 3. Yes! Yel 3 was going to be an amazing show, but I've seen Seth, Mathew, and Ryan way too many times. And yes, i would have loved to see Birds and Souls and Speedy J, but sometimes you just have to take the road less traveled. Ellen Allien and Stimming was the way to go in my eyes; she was more of a rare treat, the Bpitch queen doesn't come around too often! And i believe i made the right choice, met up with some friends that came from Yel3 at St. Andrews Hall - they said that the music was good but it was literally a sauna! For me Friday was more about settling in and having a chill time to some good music, and that's exactly what i did at Majestic.

Majestic Theater was a huge room, more fit for concerts, lots of space to dance and met some cool people that i kept bumping into throughout my time in the D. Stimming played a great opening set, he had some tracks that i can only describe as "jungle techno" - there was some monkeying in those tracks, his set flowed perfectly. I felt Ellen struggled in the beginning of her set but her last hour was phenomenal, we kept trying to leave because it was late but the music kept getting better and better. And for all the trainspotters in her last hour she played, Flashy Flashy, Rusty Nails, Sehnsucht, Ever, and My Tree.

Saturday Night - Too Many Damn Choices

Saturday was all about after parties!! Too many to choose from i hate when that happens. WHY DO YOU ALL INSIST ON MAKING ME CHOOSE BETWEEN MULTIPLE GREAT EVENTS! possibilities were endless. 9 to 5, or Center St, I ♥ You but I've Chosen Techno, and if i stay up long enough Shit show! Saturday i was in for the long haul. After a literally jaw-dropping show from Plastikman, we made one not so quick pit stop in multiple hotels where we discussed strategies for the rest of the night,i like to refer to this time as "gathering the troops". Should we shower? Nah! Fuck it. Let's go to war!

My I ♥ You but I've Chosen Techno T-shirt, I just had to get one.

I ♥ You but I've Chosen Techno, first. When we got there we got greeted by a line that was bigger than the ones at Disneyland on a fourth of July. Finally got in after 30 mins of waiting in line, and the walls were covered floor to ceiling in a black garbage bag type material? I guess that's how they "remodel" in Detroit. Stayed long enough to enjoy bass heavy fun loving beats from Justin Martin and CVS. It was super-packed, great party, but i just couldn't stand the heat. So it was off to the next battle, Shit Show. We would have gone to Center street Social but by the time we where heading out it was already shut done due to the shootings that night. I shed a single tear. NOT.

Sunday Morning - Was the Shit.

Shit Show was amazing, this show was no shit. TV bar is my favorite venue in Detroit - it has inside dance floor and outside small patio, TV Bar has the best damn bartenders in the city of Detroit! Their goal is to get you hammered, and serve you with a smile. The vibe for this party was just on. I had a sloppy good time, from was there from 7 am to 11:30 am, some of the people that i had met on friday night showed up to shit show, and since i'm a social butterfly i made more techno friends. Acts i caught were Derek Plaslaiko, JOSHOOA & JEREMY KYPTA, DAFLUKE which played spectacular set and VISIONQUEST. Dafluke was actually my favorite of that morning. But i'm sure he knows that since i asked him "Who the fuck are you?" And after all that it was time to hit the hay four couple of hours before the festival.

Sunday - I'm on a boat and I Must Keep Dancing

On Sunday we got to the festival a bit later than expected due to the previous night's shenanigans. But interns of afterparties, that night we were set for the boat. So directly from the festival we hopped on over to the dock. We were so excited for the boat and had all these high hopes, but for some reason we all just weren't feeling the boat anymore. Felt like a sponsored break. I heard some great jazzy tunes from Carter and Cassy, yeah she rocked the boat baby! But i couldn't get over sound on the boat, It was like rattlesnakes on top of these great DJ's. But there two sides two every story - i had friends who were on the boat with me and had an amazing time! I could even believe it, maybe they are not as picky as I am, maybe they had better party favors. All i know for sure that when that boat docked i got off.

Finally off to the hotel to get some rest.

Or so i thought.

After had made up my mind to go to bed, my friend Nicole would not leave me alone, this girl spent a good 40 mins of her time offering me all sorts of bribes to go to Resolute with her. So i finally caved, said to my self the weekend is too short "I must keep Dancing". We got to TV Bar, caught the last few minutes of Alex Smoke's set, but not really enough to say i saw Smoke. But what really impressed me was Dario Zenker, i had never seen him spin live before and I really hope they recorded his set because he did a phenomenal job, one of my favorite of the weekend. I don't even know what time I left Resolute but it was worth it.

My only regret, was not waking up some of my other friends who had already gone to bed, but I felt bad waking them up from sweet dreams! :heart:

Monday Morning - Duh! Need I Say More? The Old Miami!

Need I say More? Flyer looks like Lee Curtis is getting it in the ass.

Tired after a few hours rest, got ready again. At this point trying not to look like a techno zombie, there was only one place to be, The Old Miami. It was more packed this year than ever. I was kinda happy that this party got rained on because after all the silly people that were scared of water left that's when things got good! Debauchery ensued because we knew we're hitting the home stretch so why don't we give it our all. Matthew once again proved why he's one of my favorite DJ's. We shut that place down rain and all festival time it was. Thanks Seth! This year is a wet one and good one.
Monday Night - Blah!
Monday was rough! DEMF/Movement what ever the fuck you wanna call it, felt like crazy town! Come on give a break Ive been going non stop for the last 3 days. At this point i don't even care where i go next i just want one last hurrah before i go home! Let's take a safe bet Hot Natured at Exodus Lounge, a little old school never hurt anybody, it ends early and If we we go anywhere else we are bound to miss our flights. About an hour or two into this party, it literally stunk! Imagine a bunch of tired fucked up people walking around holding their noses "Saying who farted?", i guess a sewage pipe broke or something, because all of the sudden Hot Natured was hit with smell that can only be compared to that of old wet socks and dirty diapers.

That was my cue! "Ok, you've made it all the way till Monday you can go home now". And that's exactly what i did.

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