Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Adventures of MEEP - MEEP at Movement 2010

From the brilliant mind of Soraya, we have a facebook group for a little guy named MEEP who has probably been to more parties than you have.
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"This is a group dedicated to the adventures of my little sidekick and overall menace (not to mention MOST POWERFUL BEING ON THE PLANET!!! *be afraid, be very afraid*. His name is Meep. His sidekick's name is the flaming Meep, a smoker who's health sometimes fails him, unabling him to travel with him to all locations around the world. Here will be posted pics of the Meep(s) around the world, at raves, relics and compromising positions. Those who know the international raver MEEP, know he is famous within his own regard. all Hail the MEEPS! wooooo"

MEEP At Movement

MEEP and his master.

Taking a moment to chill at the festival, probably to smoke a joint as he stares off into Canada. What did you think? he's straight edge. Not MEEP.

MEEP is secretly in love with Ida. Shhh don't tell his master she might get a wee bit jealous. :-p

Of course he's at the Old Miami, he can hang. Looking up every skirt he can find.

He's a big fan of Dear, but he needs to stop trainspotting!

MEEP Around the World

In Ibiza for closing parties.

MEEP is friends with all the cool people including Raver Ramon.

MEEP is actually the one who picks the tracks for Zabiela's sets, there he is in action.

MEEP has seen Villalobos, but to you and me Villalobos is just a ghost.

Some where in Asia, he missed his flight. Again.

MEEP haning with Tom Budden.

With his other misfit friends, god only knows where.

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