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Movement 2010: Dust + Scratches : Post-DEMF with Camea

As one of techno's most prominent women today, Camea keeps busy in all facets of the industry: producing killer tracks in the studio, touring around the world as a DJ, and co-managing her label Clink Recordings.

Originally from Seattle, she came to prominence in the techno scene after moving to New York, where along with Tim Xavier, Insideout, and Tony Rohr, she founded Clink Recordings. Known for it's high production values and consistent quality (along with some pretty dope artwork), Clink quickly developed a loyal following across the US. This following soon spread worldwide when Camea relocated to Berlin in 2007.

We spoke with Camea about this year's past Movement in Detroit, where she has held a Clink label showcase two years running, as well as a few other things she enjoys when she gets a chance to wind down.

Was there any performance in Detroit this year (festival or afterparty) that stood out for you in particular? If so, had you seen that artist perform before, or was it the first time?

I had such a wonderful time at the festival this year, it might have been my favorite year so far (I have been attending for five years now). There were a lot of highlights, it's tough to pick a favorite. I loved the house music on the main stage on Sunday, Sneak and Derrick Carter brought back a lot of memories for me with my 90s house music roots in Seattle. We used to go see Derrick and Mark Farina play all of the time, and it was refreshing to hear some true pioneers play their sound. Also on the house music vibes, another favorite for me was Jamie Jones, his track selection and the way he was putting it together was super funky and fun. On the techno side of things, Richie Hawtin surprised me as his DJ set felt just as fresh and fun to me as it did years ago, and I'll admit I was a little nervous to see him play as sometimes hype and high expectations can actually hurt a musical experience - but he definitely delivered! Other favorites were Martin Buttrich and Ryan Crosson. Outside of the festivals some of my peak moments were during Mark Henning's set at the Clink party, Alexi and I's set at as well as ReSolute,Guti's morning set outside. Monday we finished things off at the Old Miami, where Ryan Elliot and Matt Dear never cease to amaze me, and I think anyone that was there can agree the family vibes made for a loving and relaxed atmosphere. I did miss a lot of acts over the weekend as well, and I'm sure that there was many more amazing sets around.

I noticed that you were taking photographs in Detroit this year. When did you become interested in photography, and is it something you’d consider pursuing at a professional level?

I can't really remember when I got into photography, I guess when I got my first digital camera and taking good pictures start becoming more accessible. I love taking photos, but it is just a hobby for me. I think it is important to have things you love to do that is for pure enjoyment. Music is like this, but since it is also my job the atmosphere can provide stress at times. Photography helps me to relax and enjoy the environment I am in.

Are you planning on attending any other music festivals this year?

I passed on Sonar this year as I am working hard in the studio on my new project, 'Kaleidoscope', and I don't have plans for other festivals at this time. Berlin is like one big festival over the summer so I try to be there as much as possible between June and September. I ended up playing at Fusion Festival again last weekend to cover a friend's slot, it was amazing!

Is there anything that makes Movement/DEMF stand apart from other electronic music events?

For me the Detroit Festival is special because it's very affordable and it's so centralized. My experiences at other Festivals is that you spend all weekend trying to catch up with your friends and just to get one place to another, and Detroit is one of the most non-stressful festivals I have ever been to. It's also great because so many friends come there and we are all in the same place for three days, you just can't replace the sentimentality that comes with that.

Do you have any recommendations on places to stay, eat, or otherwise, for people planning on attending Movement next year?

We always stay at the Marriott Renaissance across the street from the Courtyard Marriott which is the artist hotel. The location is perfect and the hotel and staff are super nice. Rooms are only 199 per night so you can split it with up to four people if you want, and that makes it pretty affordable. It's also five minutes to walk to the festival, and is located right on the river ... it's the perfect place to stay!

As a US artist who has made the “techno migration” to Berlin, what do you miss from back stateside?

I miss my family and friends a lot, and America is such a beautiful country so I miss the scenery and environment. But otherwise I have been in Berlin for three years now and have really adjusted to European culture, and I'm enjoying it a lot!

Having been to Movement over the years, what stage do you think you’d enjoy playing the most?

I would love to play the Beatport stage !!

What book (or film) have you enjoyed recently?

I read a lot. I recently finished the Millennium Trilogy by Swedish author Stieg Larsson "girl with the dragon tattoo", "girl who played with fire", and the "girl who kicked in the hornets nest". For me it was page-turning conspiracy / crime fiction at it's finest, and I can't recommend it enough. I am afraid to pick up new fiction now as the bar has been set so high.

What kind of shoes did you wear to Movement this year?

Interesting question! I had a pair of Vagabond Sandals on during the day, my favorite shoe company from Sweden. At night I wore my favorite black leather boots from Portugal.

Do you have a favorite cocktail? (or beer/wine)

Vodka, wine or sake !

What is your favorite music right now that isn’t something you would play?

I'm pretty random with my music tastes. Right now I'm listening to Air and it's really hitting the spot. Also on regular rotation are Grizzly Bear, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, Michael Jackson, The Burial, Jamie Lidell, old Dizzy Gillespie live sessions that I recorded from vinyl, and this cool tango music CD I bought in the airport in Argentina. Tim [Xavier] and I also love rotating the Wes Anderson movie soundtracks.

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