Sunday, June 27, 2010

EDC madness

So the photo scavenger hunt is complete! Courtney & I took probably around 1000 photos and tons of video, so we'll be sorting and editing over the next few days while we put them up.

EDC was amazing and a little overwhelming, so it will take a little bit for me to process everything that I saw in the last few days.

Some quick early highlights for me, some surprisingly - Moby, James Zabiela, Logistics, Daedelus. Benny Benassi on the mainstage was tearing people's brains out.

A few surprise sleepers - Deadmau5 (still trying to figure out if the lights/sound were broken for his performance?), Sasha (took forever to get going), and the reaction to Claude's set was kind of neutral.

More today as I sift through memories.


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