Wednesday, June 16, 2010

DEMF 2010: Who is Orlando Voorn?


Great audio recording, my friend Ryan narrates angry comments on his blog. Sorry for my ignorance but I didn't know of him either. You can't know everything thing and that's the damn truth.

Well now you can see for yourself.

Orlando Voorn @ DEMF 2010

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  1. LOL, I don't know if I should LOL or be pissed that you're indirectly insulting, funny how when YOU want to put someone down it's non offensive but when I move a hair on your neck you want to cut a demo or say something smart about my comment based from YOUR comment - and if you weren't feeling it - then I guess that should have been your que to leave, you don't know someone music but yet you post your comments as if you've known about his music for years - in which you didn't - now I could have taken the softer approach but since you put it out there that no one was diggin Mr. Voorn (personal opinion) and then YOU asked who is Orlando Voorn? I did nothing more than tell you who f'k he is! I hope you enjoyed;) and if you didn't you can catch someone who might be more on your level such as "Deadamus5" He's currently rocking one Mr. Voorn's track's as if it was his "Paco Di Bango's World" his remix might be actually what your looking for in today music;)I think age has a lot to do with your response;)