Monday, May 31, 2010

Perfect music at the Old Miami ... #movement #wtiyf

Movement Day 2 Review -

Hot hot hot. It was like a wet blanket on the city and the festival grounds, and we're like drowning soldiers with waterproof cameras ...

Sunday, May 30, 2010

#wtiyf #Demf

#Demf #wtiyf

Movement Day 1 highlight photos

Movement Day 1 Review -

Tons of people. That's the phrase for yesterday. More than I've ever seen here. A constant flux in, with nobody leaving. And talent to make them all happy.


This complete unconfirmed but the birdie is back and said Villalobos might show up? Birdie says he's landed in Detroit ...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Checked in

Flight from Seattle to Minneapolis was delayed a few hours, so missed the connecting flight to Detroit by a bit and had to stay overnight at a Day's Inn.

Continued on and made it to Detroit last night at 11, checked in to our hotel and wandered around for a bit, got some Italian food, people watched until around 5 this morning.

12 noon hit and we went to check in to the main festival grounds and hear the first ambient wafts from little Hawtin and the sound checks from a few of the other stages. It's hot and sunny. There are some killer bees and what looks like VHS tape strung between trees. Little buddha statues and bright painted cars are the techno lawn gnomes of the day.

Ida Engberg is the first artist who is going to kick the socks off the techno folks out there, so 5 o' clock is today's witching hour.

Bring sunscreen, and be ready!

Food stuffs in the Ren Cen ...

The Other Nine to Five

VOLATL tm and Clink Recordings Present:
The Other 9 to 5 at 10 Critics –Detroit, MI

On Saturday, May 29, 2010, Chicago’s VOLATL tm, along with ground-breaking Berlin-based minimal techno and house label Clink Recordings, will host one of the premiere events during Memorial Day weekend; following the first day of Movement (Detroit’s Electronic Music Festival). This will be the third annual festival edition of The Other 9 to 5. This year’s lineup features Camea, Tim Xavier, Tony Rohr (Live) Mark Henning (Live), Elon, and Insideout, with Jason Patrick and Frederick Zahm.

VOLATL tm, a talent management and promotions agency based in Chicago, is pleased to present the most anticipated after-party lineup during the 2010 festival weekend. Past editions of The Other 9 to 5 (at Bert’s on Broadway and River’s Edge Grille) have featured Adultnapper, [a]pendics.shuffle, Miss Fitz, K.atou, Kate Simko, Bruno Pronsato, Camea, Daze Maxim, Jan Krueger, Tim Xavier, and many more. This year’s showcase, which features an amazing cross-section of artists from the Clink Recordings family, will once again deliver a musically-driven, uplifting event experience to techno connoisseurs gathering from around the world to attend the Movement festival. We will also be featuring two first time appearances to the festival weekend by Alexi Delano and Mark Henning.

Designed to stand out from the typical after-Movement event choices, The Other 9 to 5 will showcase an impressive performer roster, including internationally prominent techno artists making exclusive Detroit appearances. The event will showcase seven hours of DJ sets by both veteran and rising talent from around the world, including VOLATL and Listed Bookings residents. Patrons will enjoy this decadent audio experience at 10 Critics, an exclusive nightclub within walking distance of Hart Plaza. The event will feature crystal-clear sound expertly designed especially for the event by Source Audio Systems.

VOLATL has produced dozens of memorable techno events in Chicago, Detroit, New York, and Miami with a forward-thinking approach to bookings and cutting-edge sound systems. Clink Recordings, inspired by Camea and Insideout, laid its foundation in Brooklyn in 2003. Through the experience of sunset festivals, peak-hour DJ slots and 10am euphoria, Clink (now based in Berlin) presents the full spectrum of these vulnerable interactions and focuses purely on its love for minimal techno and house music. The Clink artists performing at The Other 9 to 5 have also worked with a wide range of record labels, including iconic imprints such as Drumcode, Minus, Plus 8, Spectral, Sci-Tec, Cityfox, BPitch, and Pokerflat, and promise to deliver a night of memorable performances encompassing the Clink sound.

Friday, May 28, 2010

DEMF 2010: FLL to DTW

Sitting at the Chili’s in Ft Lauderdale airport waiting to get on my flight, having a margarita and hopefully I’ll be hammered by the time I get on board; flying always gets me a little nervous.

With all this extra time before I board about I keep thinking how much fun I’m about to have. Also reflecting yesterday’s news of the cancellations (Villalobos & Marcel Dettmann). When I opened my email and saw the press release hit me like an atom bomb my world crumbled a bit. But even with all the bad news it still doesn’t trump how excited I am for this DEMF. Regardless, it’s going to be an epic weekend and feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t see it. The rest of the line-up is pretty damn solid and so are the after parties its just small bump in the road.

I’ve been looking forward to this trip for weeks, NO! NO! make that months. So nothing will get in the way of me having fun. That’s my general attitude when I travel, fun is what I do best. It’s unbelievable how excited I always get when I go on these trips, whether its WMC, LoveFest or DEMF. I become wound up like a like a 7 year old kid that knows he’s going to Disney World. I guess this is what keeps me coming back.

Movement 2010 Afterparty Picks - Round 4: Monday

I must say, the last-minute cancellation of two major headliners at two of my recommended afterparties has taken some of the wind out of my sails. I'm a bit wary to recommend anything further, for fear of yet another visa fail (thanks for ruining the music, US State Dept). But maybe that's just paranoia. I suppose the show must go on...

Alright well, first off, if you've gone to DEMF at all before, or if you've even poked around on the internet at party recaps, you've probably heard of Need I Say More? @ The Old Miami. This Memorial Day party has become almost as quintessential to the DEMF experience as Movement itself. Thank the lord that the rumors about the party splitting ways with the Old Miami proved not to be true. I shouldn't have to do much convincing to get you there, so I'll end with this year's lineup: Bill Patrick, Matt Tolfrey, Matt Dear vs Ryan Elliott, Visionquest, and an exclusive performance by France's Masomenos (very excited for this)! The madness starts circa 7am and continues in to early evening.

On to my Monday Night recommendation:
Hot Natured @ Exodus

Yes, this is the same party I recommended for last year's Monday night. I normally try to steer clear of being a broken record, but I was pretty happy to see this party making a return to Detroit this year. If you're anything like me, by Monday night you might just be getting tired of the steady onslaught of 4/4 techno beats. This party provides the perfect escape from that, while still letting you feel like you're a trooper for making it out for a final night or partying. There will be a few "normal" sets going on indoors, but the real attraction here are the "disco" sets being played out on the patio by Jamie Jones, Lee Foss, and Soul Clap. To be clear, "disco" is a misnomer here (unless the music radically changes from what they played last year). I would describe it more like 80's and 90's pop, RnB, Newjack Swing, and the like. Rest assured, you'll be hearing more New Edition than Bee Gees.

If you really haven't had your techno fill by this night, then head over to Fuk The Aristocrats @ The Works. Here you can see the likes of Alexi Delano, Kyle Geiger, and John Selway. There's also a DnB stage and an ambient stage for more variety.

Alright, that about does it for me. It's literally time for my flight. See you in Detroit!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Villalobos Canceled!

More visa issues continue at the last minute, another mega cancellation for Detroit comes with the news that Ricardo Villalobos was denied a visa. Wtf is going on with Germany/US visas?

Press Release:


DETROIT, May 27, 2010—Ricardo Villalobos’ scheduled performance this weekend at the Movement Electronic Music Festival Powered by Ford Fiesta has been cancelled, but Richie Hawtin has agreed to perform in his place on the BeatPort Stage Sunday, May 30 from 9 pm until midnight.

Goetz Guse of Cocoon Agency out of Frankfurt, Germany informed festival organizers today that Villalobos will not be able to perform at Movement. Guse said, “Ricardo did not receive his Working VISA back in time due to US immigration Authorities at abroad consulates. Even with precocious legal support from the US as well as from Germany he still wasn’t able to obtain the Working VISA due to unexpected bureaucratic obstacles.”

Movement organizers expressed disappointment about the news regarding Villalobos, but are optimistic festival-goers will enjoy a Richie Hawtin performance as the replacement.

“We are disappointed Ricardo is not able to make it, especially with it being so close to the festival, but the show must continue,” said Jason Huvaere, the executive director of Movement. “However, we are very grateful Richie agreed to fill in. Nowhere else will you get to experience Richie Hawtin presenting Plastikman live one night, and then the next night see an original Richie Hawtin DJ set, it’s going to be truly amazing.”
The Plastikman live performance will be the headliner on the Vitaminwater Main Stage the first night of the festival, Saturday, May 29. It is scheduled for 11 p.m. to midnight. After Hawtin performs a three-hour set on the Beatport Stage, he will be aboard the sold out Voyage Royal: I’m on a Boat 2 after party to perform with DJ Magda in place of Villalobos on the second floor of the Detroit Princess.

Centre Street Social Update

An email from the promoters today delivered some mixed news: Marcel Dettmann will no longer be playing, due to visa complications (I never understand why this stuff doesn't get worked out earlier), but in his stead, Onur Özer will be playing. So, not a total loss!

Here is the email, which includes set times:

We want to personally welcome you to Detroit. We know there is a lot going on, so we'd like to give you some quick updates to make your entrance and experience to our party a truly memorable one.

First, we've made some lineup changes. Marcel Dettmann is unable to travel to the US due to visa restrictions. We know, we're sad about that too. Ostgut (his label) also sends their apologies, and really, there was nothing much we could do about it.

However, there's always an upside... we get to bring another artist! We know the internets have been referring to this event as the 'berlin bomb' or 'berlin in a box.' That's exactly what we're going for. Those of you who have been to Berlin know there is a lot more than just Berghain, though. Often times in Berlin, you start somewhere amazing, then top it off with a 'how is this even possible?' time at Berghain. We thought the best way to leave you all with that slow-head-shake, eyes wide, 'did that just really happen?' feeling by the time the party ends is to bring a taste of Watergate -- another remarkable place with a relentless sound. So, we knew what to do -- bring the man who defined a time, a place, and a sound in Berlin --

We're pleased to announce the addition of Watergate's own Onur Özer!

The guy mixed Watergate 01. Need we say more? He's one of the driving forces behind Vakant's sound as well -- his mixes with Mathias Kaden are legendary. We were all sad that we were going to miss him at the festival, but now we're not -- he's playing a proper peak time set for us.

Now, you've got the best of both of TWO of our favorite spots in Berlin -- Watergate and Berghain. Did we mention Levon Vincent? Daniel Bell?

If you have a presale, you can either check in at the ticket table or proceed immediately to entry. Having a paper ticket will ensure rapid entry, but we got you covered if you don't have yours. Some things to note:

0. Bring ID! You will not be admitted without ID!
1. WE WILL HAVE AVAILABLE TICKETS AT THE DOOR, FIRST COME FIRST SERVED! There's no way we can guarantee entry without a presale though, so hop on someone's' smartphone during the festival and buy one if you need it. Then, just check in and come to the 'presale purchased' line for verification. Bring ID!
2. If your friends have other plans but want to catch the sunrise with us -- we're doing $15 for admission at 5am. You can still catch some of Levon Vincent, Ben Klock and all of Daniel Bell. This is still going to be limited, so again -- if you want in, get a ticket beforehand.
3. The bar is open until 2am, then again at 6am. Enjoy.

Finally, we know how you like to plan. So do we. There's a lot to do this weekend. The lineup is below.

Top Floor
11p - 12:30a - Ponyblood
12:30a - 2:30a - Onur Özer
2:30a - 6:30a - Ben Klock
6:30a - close - DVS1

Ground Floor
11p - 1a - Charley Ten
1a - 2:30a - Aaron Bliss v. John Chamberlin
2:30a - 4a - Alland Byallo
4a - 5:30a - Craig Kuna
5:30a - 7a - Jesse Jakob
7a - close - Sammy D

11p - 12:30a - Aaron Clark
12:30a - 2a - Nikola Baytala
2a - 4a - Reference (Brian Kage & Luke Hess)
4a - 6a - Levon Vincent
6a - 9a - Daniel Bell

See you Saturday.

His name is Kiiiiiiiiidddd Rock and he's helping Paxahau

The detroit native has issued the following stament letting us know he helped out with sound in the Made in Detroit stage, which need definetly needed help... Thank you!


DETROIT, May 27, 2010—Kid Rock today issued a statement about the 2010 Movement Electronic Music Festival Powered by Ford Fiesta. His Made in Detroit clothing line for the second year in a row is sponsoring a stage at the annual festival.

“Made in Detroit's roots span directly from the electronic music scene and the Movement Festival,” said Rock. “We've been part of this festival since day one. This year we stepped it up a bit and worked with Paxahau to help build a new stage design to improve sound quality. The Underground Stage is the closest you'll get to an old school Detroit warehouse party. It’s a perfect fit for Made in Detroit because the stage features artists from Detroit all weekend long.”

Made in Detroit’s sponsorship has allowed festival organizers to make professional sound quality upgrades to Hart Plaza’s underground stage area.

Made in Detroit additionally is the official T-shirt sponsor of Movement. Their team will also operate the merchandise tent where attendees can purchase official Movement gear.

The 2010 Movement Electronic Music Festival powered by Ford Fiesta, produced by Paxahau Promotions Group, brings the world’s best electronic artists to Detroit for three-days and nights over Memorial Day weekend May 29-31 in Detroit’s Hart Plaza. The gates will open at noon each day and close at midnight each night.

For the Made in Detroit Stage schedule and other festival information please visit

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Movement 2010 Afterparty Picks - Round 3: Sunday

Picking up from where I left off last, new to the Detroit experience this year will be the day-long Shit Show party at TV Bar on Sunday. An ambitious 19-hour excursion in to "after hours," this will be an alternative to Movement that day, for those of you who don't mind missing any acts at the festival. It will feature 23 acts, including names like Soul Clap, Visionquest, Cesar Mervielle, and Todd Osborn. Perhaps this will become a regular DEMF occurrence along the lines of Need I Say More.
Tickets and info here.

Now, on to the night and... recommendation:
Voyage Royale on The Detroit Princess

AKA "I'm On a Boat 2," if you attended last year's iteration, you will understand my recommendation. This is one of the rare occasions where I hope they change nothing about the party from last year. Everything was on point: smooth and speedy entrance, good sound, tons of room, ample and relatively clean bathrooms, phenomenal lineup. Plus you're on a goddamn boat, cruising down the river. There's nothing like stepping out of a sweaty techno romp to catch a breeze on the deck and see the city skyline floating past you in the background.

The only appreciable difference I hope this year brings is the lineup, which pretty much speaks for itself. Top floor: house legends Derrick Carter and DJ Sneak. Middle floor: techno idols Cassy and Ricard Villalobos, the later of which is one of only two North American appearances the entire year (the other of course being at Movement itself). First floor: Detroit godfathers Carl Craig and Stacey Pullen share the stage with the creative likes of Mirko Loko and Agoria.

The downside? Tickets are already sold out! Admittedly, that makes this recommendation kind of bogus for anyone who hadn't already decided on their Sunday night gameplan. Pending confirmation from Paxahau, there might be some reserved tickets sold at Movement itself, so keep an eye out. In light of this fact, here's some more recommendations for the night:

ReSolute Goes Detroit @ TV Bar
New york promoters ReSolute return to the D this year for another all-nighter. If you spent all day at Shit Show, you might be growing sick of TV Bar by this point. Even so, the A-class lineup might have you coming back. In one room is the Vakant vs. Dumb-Unit showcase, featuring the stellar Alex Smoke (live), and Jeremy P. Caulfield. Mosey on over to the other room for a dose of the always solid Camea (in a tag team with Clink labelmate Alexi Delano), and Kate Simko.

Want more abuse? Head on over to No Way Back @ The Bohemian National Home. Here you can have a taste of New York's Bunker in Detroit, with favorites like Derek Plaslaiko and Mike Servito.

Both of these parties extend in to the wee hours of the morning (or in ReSolute's case, noon), so even if you managed to snag tickets to the boat, you can hit either of these up afterward if you so desire.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lightning in a Bottle

Lightning in a Bottle

Lighting in a Bottle 5/28-5/31
Oak Canyon Ranch

Lightning in a Bottle is back! Get ready for the next adventure!

Lightning in a Bottle's mission is to create an experience that is both immediate and far-reaching, both temporary and enduring... and always unforgettable. By setting amazing music and performance, inspiring works of art, educational workshops, and enlightening discussions against a backdrop of natural beauty and wonder, LIB aims to devise an alternate reality where all have the opportunity to connect, to interact, and to create for themselves.

It has been almost 2 years since our last LIB together and not a day has gone by where we haven't dreamt about the next adventure. We're bursting with tons of new ideas and can barely contain our excitement. It's finally right around the corner!

Together with all of our friends we will converge on a beautiful new location and transform it into a wonderland for the senses, once again capturing Lightning in a Bottle. Prepare to start the summer off right!!!

4 days and 3 nights of activities and entertainment including music, performances, inspiring art, yoga and meditation classes, sustainability workshops, clothing and craft vending, tasty organic foods, camping and much more!

The lineup is ridiculous: Booka Shade, The Album Leaf, The Glitch Mob, Apparat, Adam Freeland, Beats Antique, Lucent Dossier, Nosaj Thing, Daedelus, EOTO, The Very Best, Kraddy, Random Rab, Eliot Lipp, Marty Party, Mim0sa, Daddy Kev, John Tejada, Kitty D, Ott, Bluetech’s Satori Social, an-ten-nae, Krazy Baldhead, Vibesquad and dozens more artists- find the whole lineup here:

Detroit Techno & The Electronic Music Festival: Retrospective ALL PARTS

PART 1 - Birth of a Festival

PART 2 - Trials & Tribulations

Detroit Techno & The Electronic Music Festival: Retrospective // Part 2: Trials & Tribulations from Paxahau on Vimeo.

PART 3 - Stability

Produced by the Detoit Techno Foundation

Monday, May 24, 2010

Crash-course last-minute organization: Time and Money

Music festivals are fun. Worrying about time and money is not. Here's a few last-minute things you can do to breathe easy.

1.) Set up a free g-mail account and get comfortable. The potential SMS notifications and the Google calendar application that comes with the address are going to be central to the next few ideas here.

2.) Connect Google calendar to your cell phone number. Whether you have an iPhone, a Smartphone, or a Dumbphone, you can use SMS messaging the same as reminders.

3.) Lots of the shows during Movement have invites directly from Facebook, so if you're on there, learn how the export events function works. You can either organize the events you want to go to collectively and export them as a whole, or individually export single events (ie. send them to your e-mail as a link). Inside the Google calendar, learn how to import calendar files, or if you sent individual event links, just click on "add to calendar" inside the email.

4.) Any events that aren't coming from calendars or Facebook, you have to enter in manually, but all that means is you click when the event is on the main calendar page, and enter the data in a popup window.

5.) If you want to be reminded when events are coming up, inside each event listing are options if you'd like to be texted that the event is happening (you choose how far in advance you are reminded).

Now you have a free automated calendar that sends you a text reminder of every show you are interested in, so you won't miss any by accident. And if you add info into the title of the event like "Claude VonStroke - Beatport Stage, 9:30" and you have your phone set to remind you 15 minutes before it starts, you're golden.

Also, you can share the calendar of your party picks with any person you wish (more convenient if they have a gmail account, also), so they have access to your schedule. And they can share their picks with you. A collective scheduling, if you will.

If you have the iPhone app for Movement, scheduling will be even easier, I imagine.

Now, for the money part. Overdrafting sucks, especially when you're not paying attention. Do a free sign-up at, spend 15 minutes putting in some basic info, and you can have a text sent if any of your bank accounts go under a certain amount, with a whole lot more options there if you take the time to go through them.

Going over your cell phone minutes also sucks. Do a quick free signup at and your phone will text you when you're getting close to your limit.

So, your freedom from stress checklist:

1.) Google calendar will remind you what you want to do, with all of the events you're thinking about going to, properly labeled, set with text alarms, and synced with your phone.

2.) will remind you not to blow through money you don't have.

3.) will remind you when to start waiting until 9 to use your phone.

If you know these three services are working for you, you can concern yourself more about the music and less about time and money!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Be sure to check out: Hudson Mohawke

One person to catch this year for those of you looking to hear something different is Scotland's Hudson Mohawke. His releases and promos have been trickling out just since 2005, his particular production style is like nothing I've ever heard before, and I'm really curious to see how it translates into a live show. I want to hear how his earliest interest in turntablism (at age 15 he was the youngest ever UK DMC finalist), mixes with the off-beat, chunky, textured and warped tunes he's released ("Polkadot Blues", "ZOo00OOm"), and his Red Bull Music Academy training.

He's playing at the main festival on Saturday. Check final notifications for stage and time.

Here's a link and tracklist to a mix he did for BBC's Radio 1 November of last year.

Essential Mix for BBC's Radio 1

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Detroit - 2000-2009

More info than you can shake a stick at, courtesy of Todd Burns from Resident Advisor.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Movement 2010 Afterparty Picks - Round 2: Saturday

With the first official day of afterparties, the choices become a steeper hill to climb. For me however, there was already a clear winner early on.

My recommendation:
Centre Street Social @ The Carr Center for the Arts

Being dubbed "Berghain in a box" by some, if you're interested in hearing where Techno is going these days, this is the place to be. Headlining will be the much-adored Marcel Dettmann and Ben Klock, of Berghain (aka, epicenter of German techno) and Ostgut Ton fame, both exclusive to this event in Detroit. The icing on the cake? An exclusive closing set by none other than Daniel Bell, godfather of minimal techno. Somewhere between the 11pm - 9am timespan, Levon Vincent, a New York DJ/Producer garnering much recent acclaim, will also be playing. Rounding out the lineup will be sets from regional favorites from the likes of SanFran's Kontrol crew and Detroit's Beretta music, who along with Particle People and Humanaut helped put together this impressive show.

What's even more intriguing: the event is boasting the goal of having "the best sound system at any event outside of the festival." The promoters have even gone as far as posting the spec sheet for their soundsystem. I've never seen anybody do that before. Color me f***ing excited. (I guess that's no so much a color)

Ticketing and info here.

Oh, and if for some reason 9am is too early (I can't decide if that's ironic or not) for you to turn in, head on over to SHxT SHOW @ Tv Bar, which gets started late-night Saturday and continues through 'til Sunday at 10pm! More on this in round 3...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Why Detroit?

You aren't going for the beach. You aren't going for the skyscrapers, soundsystems, or bikinis. You aren't going because it's easy to get there, or that it's a nice place to stay. You're not going because you're looking to see the newest technology or to hear the latest music.

In US electronic music, you've got arms and legs in Miami, New York, LA and San Francisco.

But, in the middle of a literal wasteland, there's a tiny heartbeat once per year for a few days that keeps the blood moving through the body.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

DEMF 2010: Movement Set Times - Official Via Ernst Benz

Confirmed schedule.

Posted by Ernst Benz a proud sponsor of Movement 2010! http:\\

Vitamin Water Stage
12:00 PM – Matthew Hawtin
2:00 PM – Mark Ernestus
5:00 PM – Scion
6:30 PM – Woody McBride
8:00 PM – John Acquaviva
9:30 PM – Josh Wink
11:00 PM – Plastikman
Red Bull Stage
1:00 PM – Jeff Risk
2:00 PM – Jimmy Edgar, John Ryan, Ian Clark
3:00 PM – Sinistarr w/ MC Teddy & Bombscare
4:30 PM – DZ feat. Toophaced
6:00 PM – Martyn
7:30 PM – Excision
9:00 PM – A-Trak
10:30 PM – DJ Hype
Beatport Stage
2:00 PM – Dan Bain
3:30 PM – Onur Ozer
5:00 PM – Ida Engberg
6:30 PM – Jamie Jones
8:00 PM – Paco Osuna
9:30 PM – Claude VonStroke
Made In Detroit Stage
2:00 PM – Patrice Scott
4:30 PM – Niko Marks
6:00 PM – Kyle Hall
7:30 PM – Rick Wilhite
9:00 PM – Theo Parrish
Torino Stage
5:00 PM – Kenneth Thomas
6:30 PM – Stylophonic
7:00 PM – Kirk Degiorgio
9:00 PM – Marco Carola
Vitamin Water Stage
2:00 PM – Recloose
4:00 PM – DJ Pierre
6:00 PM – Larry Heard
7:00 PM – DJ Sneak
9:00 PM – Derrick Carter
11:00 PM – Inner City
Red Bull Stage
2:00 PM – Starski & Clutch, DJ Dick, DJ Godfather
5:00 PM – Hudson Mohawke
6:00 PM – Kid Sister
7:00 PM – Phat Kat & Guilty Simpson
8:00 PM – Kraak & Smaak
9:30 PM – Mr. Scruff
11:00 PM – Ghostland Observatory
Beatport Stage
12:00 PM – Acid Didj
2:00 PM – John Johr
4:00 PM – Martinez Brothers
6:00 PM – Martin Buttrich
7:00 PM – Cassy
9:00 PM – Ricardo Villalobos
Made In Detroit Stage
2:00 PM – Gabe Real
4:00 PM – Ryan Crosson
5:30 PM – K-HAND
7:00 PM – Anthony “Shake” Shakir
8:30 PM – Rolando
10:00 PM – Rob Hood
Torino Stage
2:00 PM – I-Robots
3:30 PM – DJ Torpez
5:00 PM – Psycatron
6:30 PM – Orlando Voorn
7:30 PM – Greg Gow
9:00 PM – Derrick May
Vitamin Water Stage
3:30 PM – Luke Hess
5:00 PM – Agoria
6:30 PM – Rex Sepulveda
8:00 PM – Stacey Pullen
10:00 PM – Kenny Larkin
11:00 PM – Model 500
Red Bull Stage
2:00 PM – Tokimonsta
3:00 PM – Francesco Tristano
4:00 PM – Moritz von Oswald Trio
5:00 PM – DJ Koze
6:30 PM – Michael Mayer
8:15 PM – Simian Mobile Disco
9:30 PM – Pretty Lights
10:30 PM – Booka Shade
Beatport Stage
12:00 PM – Shigeto
2:00 PM – Secrets
3:30 PM – ItaloBoyz
5:00 PM – dOP
6:30 PM – Joel Mull
8:30 PM – Radio Slave
10:00 PM – Chris Liebing
Made In Detroit Stage
3:30 PM – Jenny Lafemme
5:00 PM – Punisher
6:30 PM – Jennifer Xerri
8:00 PM – Minx
9:30 PM – Magda
Torino Stage
2:00 PM – Inxec
3:30 PM – Sean Deason
5:00 PM – Monty Luke
6:30 PM – Barem
7:30 PM – Motel Connection
9:00 PM – Mauro Picotto

Movement 2010 Festival iPhone App Video Tour


Paxahau Promotions Group today released the schedule for the Movement Electronic Music Festival Powered by Ford Fiesta that includes performance times and stages. They also introduced for the first time the Official 2010 Movement Festival App that is now available for free on iTunes.

The “Movement – Ernst Benz Great Circle – Schedule” is exclusively available at the Ernst Benz Facebook page, which is

“Precision Instruments for Timekeeping is the Ernst Benz motto, and we are proud to have been chosen to design the Movement schedule,” said Leonid Khankin, Managing & Creative Director for Ernst Benz. “Given our namesake founders history in manufacturing turntable needles and our own passion for music, we are inspired by and honored to work with Jason Huvaere and the Movement team on this year’s timetable for the event.”

Swiss engineer and innovator Ernst Benz first became well known for developing delicate instrumentation and manufacturing timepiece and industrial jewels. Ernst Benz continues today to develop and manufacture timepieces in the time-honored tradition of aviation watches and the fine art of watch making.

“Timing is crucial to producing a great festival,” said the festival’s Executive Director Jason Huvaere, “which is the reason having Ernst Benz as the sponsor of this year’s schedule was a perfect fit.”

2010 Movement Festival App
The new 2010 Movement Electronic Music Festival App available for free on iTunes. Visit to download it.

“It’s a great resource that allows you to keep up with the latest news and information about this year’s festival as it happens,” said Huvaere. “Download it today and as new developments with the festival occur you can have the most recent information at your fingertips.”

Video Tour

Movement iPhone app video tour 2010 from Paxahau on Vimeo.

The entire lineup being available on the iPhone or iPod.

- This feature is great it allows you different ways of sorting. You can view all at once, by day and by stage. You can also sort any combination alphabetically which makes finding an artist extremely easy.

Artist biography pages link to their website and pages such as iTunes, Beatport, YouTube.

- Successfully keeping track of the artists you want to see by adding them to your schedule with the plus button function next to their name.

- This is my favorite feature it let's you filter out all the acts you specially want to see, condensing and customizing your schedule.

A friend finder feature that lets you show your friends where you are in the crowd.

- I can't count how many times I've been lost from my friends at festival, the music is usually to loud to hear anything. This feature solves that entire issue. You can use it to send a text an let them know your exact location.

Being able to tune into Paxahau Radio.

- On the top left if every screen there is a musical note icon that lets you tune in. I like this feature it's a fun extra.

A map of the festival that you can pinch and scroll around.

Instant directions to after parties. The app uses your current location and automatically gives you directions.

- I understand the fact that only official events are included to this feature because they are direct competitors, but it makes the feature virtually useless if your not going to any these official events. It would have been just as easy to add all events, and would have made this feature amazing. It would have also demonstrated good will towards the other promoters.

If your not from Detroit and you are going to an official even this feature will be your best friend.

A flashlight at the top right of the app, tap this for a bright white screen.


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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

DEMF 2010: Movement 2010 Video Previews

Inner City - Live

Inner city is made up of Kevin Saunderson and Shanna Jackson AKA Paris Grey. The singles "Big Fun" and "Good Life" became instant dance floor classics. "Good life" has more versions of it than i have finger and toes to count. And i can't wait to see it played live, and regress to that early 90s sound.

Francesco Tristano

A classically trained pianist and Julliard graduate, who now dabbles in electronic music and has collaborated with non other, Mr. Carl Craig.

DEMF 2010: R Kelly At Movement? Spoof or Truth?


R Kelly At Movement? Spoof or Truth? find you answer here

Detroit DOs & DON'Ts


Think 8 mile is a tourist attraction.

Bring sunscreen. Detroit might not strike you as a place you'd have to worry about getting a sunburn. Don't be fooled by it's proximity to the great white north though. The past two years, Movement has been extraordinarily sunny and warm, and as a primarily outdoor festival, you're going to a lot of sun whether you like it or not.

DON'T: Go to the Old Miami on Monday thinking you will be able to leave in time to catch that one act you want to see at Movement. It ain't gonna happen.

DO: Say hi to Patricia Lay-Dorsey AKA Grandma Techno, she's full of interesting stories and can probably school you on techno. Use Mathew Hawtin as an ice breaker she loves his ambient sounds.

DON'T: Stay in Windsor because it looks close enough on a map and you got a good deal on a hotel. Crossing the border every night is not so cool.

DO: Go for authentic Greek cuisine to eat in Greek Town, you'll be craving more before the end of the festival. My recommendation, check out the Pegasus.

Any of you out there have your own DOs & DON'Ts, let me here them!

Blueprint America: Beyond the Motor City

Blueprint America: Beyond the Motor City, is an interesting documentary that takes a look at the city of Detroit and it's infrastructure. The past, present and what may lie ahead in the future.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Movement 2010 Afterparty Picks - Round 1: Friday

Ok, so not technically an afterparty. Movement begins on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, but more often than not, people kick off the partying the night before. This year, the afterparty choices have proven to be no-brainers, and Friday is no exception.

My recommendation:
Yel 3 @ St. Andrew's Hall

What is probably the most exciting lineup on an "official" kick-off party in years, Yel 3, presented by Paxhau, promises to have something for everyone, as it nearly runs the gambit of sounds that techno has to offer.

Headlining in the main room will be the prolific Speedy J, with an unprecedented five-hour live set. If his Rotterdam-bred dark and gritty sounds aren't your bag, then head on over to the Burns "Chill Out" Room. There, Matthew Hawtin (brother to megastar Richie), will be covering the opposite end of the spectrum, with minimalist ambient soundscapes all night.

If that still doesn't hit the spot, perhaps you will find satisfaction in the warm center with the lineup in the Shelter. Consisting almost entirely of Detroit natives, this room will be a showcase for Spectral Sound (sublabel of Ann Arbor-based Ghostly), featuring the trendier house-flavored sounds of some of today's brightest young stars in the scene, such as Matthew Dear, and Seth Troxler.

If you're wondering about the name, some of you might remember the previous iteration: Yel 2, from six years past. Despite the lengthy gap, return appearances by Speedy J, Ryan Elliott, and Matthew Dear, as well as using the same venue, tie the two together.

More info & ticketing here

Recommendations by: Reuben Sweeney.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

DEMF 2010: Face Melting

Seriously a great promo video.

Gary Spring Hunting Club, Random Reason, & Mineral Musica give you a real Shit Show.
Bringing you talents that we consider to be the true worlocks of electronic music right now.

2 rooms. 19+ hours.

Sety (Circus Company-Paris)
Soul Clap (Wolf+Lamb-Boston)
Le Loup (Wolf+Lamb-Paris)
Eddie C (Jiscomusic, Karat, 7 Inches of Love-Vancouver)
Derek Plaslaiko (Spectral/Bunker-NYC)
Todd Osborn (Spectral/Rephlex-Detroit)
Sergio Santos vs Tanner Ross (Mothership/Airdrop-Boston)
Kyle Hall (FXHE/Wild Oats-Detroit)
Crazy Larry (Airdrop-NYC)
K atou (Lick My Deck-Greece)
Clint Stewart (Auralism-SF)
Big Bully (Mineral/Get Physical-NYC)
Snack N C'mish (Turntable Lab/APT-NYC)
John Arnold live (Ubiquity-Detroit)
Fat Camp DJ's (Atomly, Matt Negative, & JD-NYC)
Guys On Drugs (Secrets + E Spleece-Detroit)
Darkcube live (DTM-Detroit)
Mr Joshooa (Random Reason-Detroit)
Jeremy Kypta (Random Reason-Detroit)
Rev. Robert David Jones (GSHC-Detroit)
Adam Stolz (Black Nation/Prosthetic-Chicago)
EH3 (Black Nation-Chicago)

Starts Sunday May 30th at 3am and goes until Sunday May 30th at 10pm
tix presale at
2554 Grand River Detroit

Thursday, May 13, 2010


As per Lee Foss's Facebook Profile, 5/31 - Hot Natured Detroit. I guess the dynamic duo is back. This will be THE afters for Memorial Day Monday.

Details coming soon ... hopefully.

DEMF 2010: Guides to Movement

JQM 's Guide to Getting Down at DEMF -

LWE’s Guide to Movement Detroit 2010 -