Saturday, June 5, 2010


MUTEK 2010 is finally here! The festivities get underway at 5pm this evening with a last-minute addition to the line-up, the roving Funambus of transportable music, featuring a surprise artist playing an exclusive set live for only those lucky enough to be wearing special headphone sets onsite. An hour later, the night kick's off with the world premiere of STEPHEN BEAUPRÉ's new audio-visual venture "GEMMIFORM" and continue through the next five days with one of the widest-ranging programs this festival has ever assembled under one umbrella.

Each night of the festival, two dazzling expressions of public art presented as part of the Extra_Muros series - PHILIPP GEIST's "TIME DRIFTS" and MELISSA MONGIAT & MOUNA ANDRAOS' "BLOC JAM" - take over central locations of the downtown core at the onset of night, so make sure to drop by the Place des Festivals and UQAM's President Kennedy Pavilion to catch them.

And don't forget that to keep up with all the events, showtimes, and updates, and surprises, download the new MUTEK app onto your iPhone and carry the festival around in the palm of your hand. Here's what you can look forward to over the next 48 hours.

*Please note that all MUTEK 2010 pass-holders must also claim individual tickets for A/Visions showcases the day of the performance, if they wish to attend. Box office will be open as of 11am at the Monument-National.


Funambus 1 with The Mole
4:30pm - Place de la Paix - Free
Situated opposite the Monument-National, at Place de la Paix, the Funambus will host free performances by international artists, delivered directly to your headsets onsite. This evening's performance features MUTEK veteran, The Mole.

Experience 1
6pm - Monument-National Theatre - Free

Montreal's GEMMIFORM and VIDEOVOCE comprise the first Experience showcase, which features new audio-visual projects that seek out connections between the intimate and the organic, as well as found sound and visual samples to provoke poetic connections.

A/Visions 1 - Pandora's Music Box
8pm - Monument-National Theatre - $25 (+tx & sc)

Montreal's [THE USER] presents a symphony of dot-matrix printers, NICOLAS BERNIER and MARTIN MESSIER present LA CHAMBRE DES MACHINES, a performance piece inspired by the intonarumori, noise-intoning analogue boxes, and field-recording conceptualists MATMOS co-opt the sonics from an array of early electronic sound-machines.

Nocturne 1 - ¡Fiesta Espontanea!
10pm - SAT - $25 (+tx & sc)

Kompakt's MATIAS AGUAYO leads a fun-filled and fiery night of contemporary Latin American electronic music. Ostensibly a showcase for his new CÒMEME collective and label, Aguayo holds centre court with his new live band. At the bookends, Chile's DIEGORS and Mexico's REBOLLEDO hold down the decks late into the night.

Ectoplasmes³ 1
10:30pm - Monument-National Theatre - Free

A creative laboratory of exploratory sounds, former Les Georges Leningrad DOMINIQUE PÉTRIN improvs with independent artist and hypnotist GEORGES REBBOH. ALEXANDRE ST. ONGE meets spontaneously with 2 IMPATIENTS and thereminist FRANK MARTEL. Percussionist PIERRE TANGUAY confronts the electronic gadgery of FILTEAU and the media sound art of CHRISTIAN RICHER. Topping it all off, veteran American tape-looper JASON LESCALLEET.

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