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20 minute video tour of EDC day 1

And away we go.

Electric Daisy Carnival 2010 - Day 1 from Ryan Xristopher on Vimeo.


Emrg+N+See Music Festival

Emrg+N+See Love Hype! from EMRG+N+SEE on Vimeo.

Emrg+N+See Music Festival Highlights Emerging Artists of Light and Sound at a Boutique, Bass-Heavy Celebration in the Forest July 16-19 near Salem, Oregon.

The seventh annual Emrg+N+See Festival will bring fresh sounds out of the underground and into the forest July 16-19, 2010 for an outdoor celebration of the creative community in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Four days of music, dancing, art and freedom of self-expression await those who venture out to Emrg+N+See, one of Oregon’s premier cultural experiences.

Yet again the festival proves itself as a tastemaker in the West Coast arts scene with a lineup that pushes boundaries and eschews the usual headliners heard every other weekend at every other party. Emrg+N+See favors up-and-coming, left field artists who offer a diverse range of live music from dub-influenced psychedelic electronica and hip hop-based IDM to dubstep, glitch hop, experimental beat music and other types of future sound.

Lineup includes: Slugabed, Mala, March Fourth Marching Band, Sean Hayes, Funginears, Free the Robots, Vibesquad, Eprom, MartyParty, Hovatron, Emrg+N+See Orchestra, Mux Mool, Nasty Nasty, Teebs, Shlohmo, Baths, Bass Science and dozens more electronic and live music artists who are shaping the evolution of sound with their bold creative endeavors.

Music is just one facet of this festival that also provides grounds for creative expression in the visual realm, including live painters, theatrical performances, art installations and stunning light displays. More of a participatory event than a stand-and-watch show, Emrg+N+See also offers workshops to engage its guests with activities such as laughter meditation, fundamentals of pop-and-lock dancing, bass yoga, stilt walking, fire spinning and more.

Emrg+N+See takes place about an hour south of Portland, Oregon at Miller Brothers Ranch in the hills east of Salem. Nestled in a lush canyon, the setting for the weekend includes soft meadowlands, old-growth evergreens, ancient oaks, a swimming pond and a clear stream meandering through the length of the venue, with easy access provided to the shady camping on the grass nearby.

Vendors will be on hand with food and drink as well as unique goods from independent artists including tooth bling, skin food, booty capes, feather earrings, fair-trade Peruvian textiles and much more. Emrg+N+See is an all-ages event and families are welcome to come and enjoy a special play area and free admission for children under 15. Individual camping is included in the ticket price ($140 presale), with additional fees for cars, RV parking and VIP passes.

Lineup includes:

EMRG+N+SEE Podcast mixed by Tyler Tastemaker feat. Mala, Slugabed, Sean Hayes, Baths, Free the Robots, Teebs, Eprom & more:

EMRG+N+SEE Website for more info:

Movement 2010: Dust + Scratches : Post-DEMF with Camea

As one of techno's most prominent women today, Camea keeps busy in all facets of the industry: producing killer tracks in the studio, touring around the world as a DJ, and co-managing her label Clink Recordings.

Originally from Seattle, she came to prominence in the techno scene after moving to New York, where along with Tim Xavier, Insideout, and Tony Rohr, she founded Clink Recordings. Known for it's high production values and consistent quality (along with some pretty dope artwork), Clink quickly developed a loyal following across the US. This following soon spread worldwide when Camea relocated to Berlin in 2007.

We spoke with Camea about this year's past Movement in Detroit, where she has held a Clink label showcase two years running, as well as a few other things she enjoys when she gets a chance to wind down.

Was there any performance in Detroit this year (festival or afterparty) that stood out for you in particular? If so, had you seen that artist perform before, or was it the first time?

I had such a wonderful time at the festival this year, it might have been my favorite year so far (I have been attending for five years now). There were a lot of highlights, it's tough to pick a favorite. I loved the house music on the main stage on Sunday, Sneak and Derrick Carter brought back a lot of memories for me with my 90s house music roots in Seattle. We used to go see Derrick and Mark Farina play all of the time, and it was refreshing to hear some true pioneers play their sound. Also on the house music vibes, another favorite for me was Jamie Jones, his track selection and the way he was putting it together was super funky and fun. On the techno side of things, Richie Hawtin surprised me as his DJ set felt just as fresh and fun to me as it did years ago, and I'll admit I was a little nervous to see him play as sometimes hype and high expectations can actually hurt a musical experience - but he definitely delivered! Other favorites were Martin Buttrich and Ryan Crosson. Outside of the festivals some of my peak moments were during Mark Henning's set at the Clink party, Alexi and I's set at as well as ReSolute,Guti's morning set outside. Monday we finished things off at the Old Miami, where Ryan Elliot and Matt Dear never cease to amaze me, and I think anyone that was there can agree the family vibes made for a loving and relaxed atmosphere. I did miss a lot of acts over the weekend as well, and I'm sure that there was many more amazing sets around.

I noticed that you were taking photographs in Detroit this year. When did you become interested in photography, and is it something you’d consider pursuing at a professional level?

I can't really remember when I got into photography, I guess when I got my first digital camera and taking good pictures start becoming more accessible. I love taking photos, but it is just a hobby for me. I think it is important to have things you love to do that is for pure enjoyment. Music is like this, but since it is also my job the atmosphere can provide stress at times. Photography helps me to relax and enjoy the environment I am in.

Are you planning on attending any other music festivals this year?

I passed on Sonar this year as I am working hard in the studio on my new project, 'Kaleidoscope', and I don't have plans for other festivals at this time. Berlin is like one big festival over the summer so I try to be there as much as possible between June and September. I ended up playing at Fusion Festival again last weekend to cover a friend's slot, it was amazing!

Is there anything that makes Movement/DEMF stand apart from other electronic music events?

For me the Detroit Festival is special because it's very affordable and it's so centralized. My experiences at other Festivals is that you spend all weekend trying to catch up with your friends and just to get one place to another, and Detroit is one of the most non-stressful festivals I have ever been to. It's also great because so many friends come there and we are all in the same place for three days, you just can't replace the sentimentality that comes with that.

Do you have any recommendations on places to stay, eat, or otherwise, for people planning on attending Movement next year?

We always stay at the Marriott Renaissance across the street from the Courtyard Marriott which is the artist hotel. The location is perfect and the hotel and staff are super nice. Rooms are only 199 per night so you can split it with up to four people if you want, and that makes it pretty affordable. It's also five minutes to walk to the festival, and is located right on the river ... it's the perfect place to stay!

As a US artist who has made the “techno migration” to Berlin, what do you miss from back stateside?

I miss my family and friends a lot, and America is such a beautiful country so I miss the scenery and environment. But otherwise I have been in Berlin for three years now and have really adjusted to European culture, and I'm enjoying it a lot!

Having been to Movement over the years, what stage do you think you’d enjoy playing the most?

I would love to play the Beatport stage !!

What book (or film) have you enjoyed recently?

I read a lot. I recently finished the Millennium Trilogy by Swedish author Stieg Larsson "girl with the dragon tattoo", "girl who played with fire", and the "girl who kicked in the hornets nest". For me it was page-turning conspiracy / crime fiction at it's finest, and I can't recommend it enough. I am afraid to pick up new fiction now as the bar has been set so high.

What kind of shoes did you wear to Movement this year?

Interesting question! I had a pair of Vagabond Sandals on during the day, my favorite shoe company from Sweden. At night I wore my favorite black leather boots from Portugal.

Do you have a favorite cocktail? (or beer/wine)

Vodka, wine or sake !

What is your favorite music right now that isn’t something you would play?

I'm pretty random with my music tastes. Right now I'm listening to Air and it's really hitting the spot. Also on regular rotation are Grizzly Bear, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, Michael Jackson, The Burial, Jamie Lidell, old Dizzy Gillespie live sessions that I recorded from vinyl, and this cool tango music CD I bought in the airport in Argentina. Tim [Xavier] and I also love rotating the Wes Anderson movie soundtracks.

For more info on Camea, visit:

Photos from EDC

So I still haven't organized the treasure hunt part of the photo gig, but here are the best of the shots from the two days @ EDC.

EDC photo gallery


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Movement 2010: Dust + Scratches | Post-DEMF Interview: Claude VonStroke

CVS (Claude VonStroke) for his second appearance at the festival he did not disappoint at the Beatport Stage, dropping his usual bass heavy beats. "This, That, What the fuck?" That Choon is still echoing in my brain!!!

Claude's real name is Barclay Crenshaw, the name "Claude VonStroke" was a random joke that caught on after a series of tracks grabbed the attention of underground dance music in 2005. He was raised in the suburbs Detroit who wanted to be a filmmaker but always had a knack for music. After several different film careers of varying success and with some help from his friends, VonStroke started the dirtybird label at the very late age of 32.

Since 2005, dirtybird has carved out a niche as a premiere American label and has released over 40 EPs. VonStroke has released two artist albums as well as a Fabric mix and over 25 remixes for a wide range of commercial and underground artists from Indy rock group The Rapture to Detroit techno legend Kevin Saunderson.

In an effort to give something back to the community VonStroke unveiled a new label Mothership in 2007. A large percentage of the label's proceeds go to a music school for children in Claude's hometown. This label features more euro-flavored techno and house featuring artists like Catz an Dogz, Maetrik and Voodeux.

The economic crisis is no more apparent than in Detroit than in any other city, it's heartbreaking what impacted you the most from your visit to Movement/DEMF this year?

The city looks exactly the same as it did 10 years ago, with a few casinos added in. This may sound crazy but I couldn't tell the difference from any other visit back home besides the fact there are "for sale" signs everywhere. The rough areas are still rough and the posh areas are still posh. Maybe the prices have dropped but the city hasn't fallen off the map yet. Detroiters are tough and they no how to live through hard times AND good times.

What sets Detroit apart from the others cities you’ve played at/visited?

I grew up just outside the city in a nice suburb so going to Detroit is going home for me. There's nothing like playing at home. I love it. If i wasn't from that area i don't know how I would feel about it.

What was favorite artist or act at DEMF? Which inspired you and left an impression?

DJ Godfather. I totally forgot what a madman he is on the decks. Absolute murder! He has got a real sick set of Dj skills and i love hearing a booty set in Detroit on the waterfront. That's the stuff i always liked. I never got into the techno like everyone else. I always liked the nasty ghetto stuff from Detroit the best.

Are there any tracks where massive bombs this Movement/DEMF? Or anything you heard more than once?

No. the talent was very varied and so unlike a place like Miami where everyone is trying to be cool and jump on the latest trend you wouldn't really hear a popular track become the theme of the Detroit festival. the taste and opinions of the artists are too diverse, which is a good thing. There are old techno classics that pop up of course but otherwise u get what i mean.

What the one piece of advice you would give to any one going to Movement/DEMF based on your personal experience?

Go see something new. Go see something you already love. And just enjoy the sunshine.

Lets get into the fun zone!

What’s playing in the IPod besides EDM?

MFDoom "Kookies" I love it!

If one song were to describe your life, which song would that be?

Everybody Wang Chung Tonight

Describe your fighting style: drunken master or angry monkey?

Drunken Monkey

If deserted on an island, what three things would you want and why would you choose them?

Sat phone, helicopter, and sunscreen. I'd be there for a quick swim. then back home.

Would you rather be invisible or be able to read minds?

Invisible for sure! Reading minds would be a terrible curse. It would drive you crazy in about a week I think. Invisible could be really fun. Just watch for cars.

More info on Claude VonStroke here:

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EDC - a quick day 1 synopsis

Bring on the Carnival! We wanted to be on the grounds the first day by 3, in time to catch Trent Cantrelle and the Android Cartel, but didn't quite account correctly for traffic and parking, so we got there too late. The first driving stab into the area found a few places to park for $25 in the middle of a huge mess, so drove out about a mile and a half to a side street and started making the trek, eventually walking boot to boot with the stream of ravers all heading our direction.

This was my first year to EDC, and I am not familiar with the Coliseum/Park area. It was initial micro-chaos trying to figure out where to go, asking directions and shouldering through pockets of candy in full uniform. "Head all the way over that way, and when the street, I think it has a new name, goes that way, look for this and head in there".

Inside, heading for the earliest biggest boom; from the stadium. Oscar G had just gotten on, and it was my first inkling as to what was in store. Big, fat, growling, BOOM. I think my brain might have been operating on a slightly false pretense; the trailer for EDC was trance-centric, some of the bigger headliners were of the trance department, and the promos seemed to be pushing the floatier side of happy smiles --- but this was not a trance party, this was a Rave. To the core. To the heart. To the bones.

I don't know that I've been to a real rave (that felt like a rave) maybe back since USC 5 in Seattle. This was the feeling of that party (which lots of people still say was the best party we had during that period) multiplied by about 100.

The next 8.5 hours was a set of over and hyper stimulations all stacked on top of each other. In the day, the costumes, uniforms, outfits, troupes of performers, things to look at, music to listen to, people to hear chatter and see wander aimlessly; was like the personification of spongebob squarepants cereal, washed down with chocolate milk and sprinkled with cinnamon. Yikes.

There were five main musical stages, each with its own good and not so good qualities, and we made the rounds to visit them all, seeing Oscar G, the Manufactured Superstars, Vive la Bunny, Dirty South, Z-Trip, the Swedish House Mafia, Moby, Claude von Stroke, and Deadmau5, and every time we went to a different staged, we stopped through the bassPOD stage to hear the disgustingly good drum and bass or dubstep that was playing.

It was a day of experientially beaded-out overexposure; not a lot of new tunes but a ton of old anthems, good vibes and opportunity for self-expressing and honestly, a really great setup for that kind of show. I can't say that it was the best party or show I've ever been do, but without a doubt it was certainly the ultimate rave.

More details later - stay tuned.

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EDC madness

So the photo scavenger hunt is complete! Courtney & I took probably around 1000 photos and tons of video, so we'll be sorting and editing over the next few days while we put them up.

EDC was amazing and a little overwhelming, so it will take a little bit for me to process everything that I saw in the last few days.

Some quick early highlights for me, some surprisingly - Moby, James Zabiela, Logistics, Daedelus. Benny Benassi on the mainstage was tearing people's brains out.

A few surprise sleepers - Deadmau5 (still trying to figure out if the lights/sound were broken for his performance?), Sasha (took forever to get going), and the reaction to Claude's set was kind of neutral.

More today as I sift through memories.


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Hold your horses...

Hi All,

Anyone awaiting photos from EDC, we promise that they'll be up by Thursday!

Peace & Love,


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Map Of Electric Daisy Carnival

From Insomniac Events:
We'll be releasing an advanced peek at the artist schedules exclusively to our Twitter followers throughout the night tonight. Join up now and be ahead of those who aren't connected!

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Electric Days Carnival Photo Scavenger Hunt

Whattimeisyourflight is sending Courtney and Ryan on a photo scavenger hunt at the Electric Daisy Carnival June 25th and 26th.

Let's see how many of items below they can find. If you have any other items that might be fun for them to track down just leave a comment. Results will be posted the following week.
  1. Gas prices of that day at a gas station close to the event.
  2. Close-up of your event bracelet/badge/ticket.
  3. Funny Drug T-shirts (3).
  4. Some one in full character costume (2 or 3) - Examples a Mad Hatter, Avatar, Spiderman, Waldo, any super hero or character.
  5. Best ride at the event.
  6. Some one with a funny sign.
  7. Real Daisies
  8. Drum circle.
  9. Candy Ravers with fluffy boots.
  10. Glowsticks.
  11. Some one sleeping or passed out. Try not to get there face. :)
  12. An awesome close-up of a good face paint job.
  13. The entrance sign.
  14. Lazers.
  15. The news paper headlines on the day(s).
  16. Some one that looks like they don't belong. Open to interpretation.
  17. Someone really old.
  18. Cool sneakers or shoes.
  19. VIP Cabanas.
  20. A photo of the Crazy Coaster in its entirety.
  21. A list of time slots or line up.
  22. Fire, not from a lighter.
  23. An unexpected surprise. Open to interpretation.
  24. Someone eating a hot dog (other than Courtney or Ryan).
  25. Something that has the word insomniac on it.
  26. Flyer for an after party.
  27. Someone handing out a promo CD.
  28. Someone that oozes sex appeal.
  29. A scary freak.
  30. A Dj playing at the event you've never heard or heard of.
  31. Event map.
  32. A complete shot of each stage.
  33. Olympic rings.
  34. Falling confetti.
  35. Close-up of some one with a weird, funny mask.
  36. Stilt walkers.
  37. Merry-Go-Rounds.
  38. Someone with a tootoo skirt on.
  39. A happy couple.
  40. Someone really young.
  41. An interesting clothing booth or vendor stand.
  42. A dancer on stage.
  43. A guy carrying a girl on his shoulders.
  44. Someone dressed as a clown.
  45. Street sign with the name of the street where EDC is located.
  46. The Kamikaze.
  47. A picture with someone you had a great encounter with.
  48. The outside of the arena at night.
  49. Someone eating cotton candy.
  50. A portrait of each act you saw.
  51. A close-up of a kid's had with way too many candy or color beaded bracelets.
  52. A good pic of Daedelus in action.
  53. A close-up hippie boy with dreadlocks.
  54. Someone almost naked. Or naked.
  55. Close-up of an amazing tattoo.
  56. An acrobatic dancer in the middle of a move.
  57. Courtney doing a handstand. (Special Request from Anonymous Comment)
  58. Misting Station.
  59. Water slide.
  60. Bumper Cars.

My Long Days in Detroit

Friday – The Road Less Traveled

Friday night I decided to go check out Ellen Allien at the Majestic theater, instead of going with the popular crowd to Yel 3. Yes! Yel 3 was going to be an amazing show, but I've seen Seth, Mathew, and Ryan way too many times. And yes, i would have loved to see Birds and Souls and Speedy J, but sometimes you just have to take the road less traveled. Ellen Allien and Stimming was the way to go in my eyes; she was more of a rare treat, the Bpitch queen doesn't come around too often! And i believe i made the right choice, met up with some friends that came from Yel3 at St. Andrews Hall - they said that the music was good but it was literally a sauna! For me Friday was more about settling in and having a chill time to some good music, and that's exactly what i did at Majestic.

Majestic Theater was a huge room, more fit for concerts, lots of space to dance and met some cool people that i kept bumping into throughout my time in the D. Stimming played a great opening set, he had some tracks that i can only describe as "jungle techno" - there was some monkeying in those tracks, his set flowed perfectly. I felt Ellen struggled in the beginning of her set but her last hour was phenomenal, we kept trying to leave because it was late but the music kept getting better and better. And for all the trainspotters in her last hour she played, Flashy Flashy, Rusty Nails, Sehnsucht, Ever, and My Tree.

Saturday Night - Too Many Damn Choices

Saturday was all about after parties!! Too many to choose from i hate when that happens. WHY DO YOU ALL INSIST ON MAKING ME CHOOSE BETWEEN MULTIPLE GREAT EVENTS! possibilities were endless. 9 to 5, or Center St, I ♥ You but I've Chosen Techno, and if i stay up long enough Shit show! Saturday i was in for the long haul. After a literally jaw-dropping show from Plastikman, we made one not so quick pit stop in multiple hotels where we discussed strategies for the rest of the night,i like to refer to this time as "gathering the troops". Should we shower? Nah! Fuck it. Let's go to war!

My I ♥ You but I've Chosen Techno T-shirt, I just had to get one.

I ♥ You but I've Chosen Techno, first. When we got there we got greeted by a line that was bigger than the ones at Disneyland on a fourth of July. Finally got in after 30 mins of waiting in line, and the walls were covered floor to ceiling in a black garbage bag type material? I guess that's how they "remodel" in Detroit. Stayed long enough to enjoy bass heavy fun loving beats from Justin Martin and CVS. It was super-packed, great party, but i just couldn't stand the heat. So it was off to the next battle, Shit Show. We would have gone to Center street Social but by the time we where heading out it was already shut done due to the shootings that night. I shed a single tear. NOT.

Sunday Morning - Was the Shit.

Shit Show was amazing, this show was no shit. TV bar is my favorite venue in Detroit - it has inside dance floor and outside small patio, TV Bar has the best damn bartenders in the city of Detroit! Their goal is to get you hammered, and serve you with a smile. The vibe for this party was just on. I had a sloppy good time, from was there from 7 am to 11:30 am, some of the people that i had met on friday night showed up to shit show, and since i'm a social butterfly i made more techno friends. Acts i caught were Derek Plaslaiko, JOSHOOA & JEREMY KYPTA, DAFLUKE which played spectacular set and VISIONQUEST. Dafluke was actually my favorite of that morning. But i'm sure he knows that since i asked him "Who the fuck are you?" And after all that it was time to hit the hay four couple of hours before the festival.

Sunday - I'm on a boat and I Must Keep Dancing

On Sunday we got to the festival a bit later than expected due to the previous night's shenanigans. But interns of afterparties, that night we were set for the boat. So directly from the festival we hopped on over to the dock. We were so excited for the boat and had all these high hopes, but for some reason we all just weren't feeling the boat anymore. Felt like a sponsored break. I heard some great jazzy tunes from Carter and Cassy, yeah she rocked the boat baby! But i couldn't get over sound on the boat, It was like rattlesnakes on top of these great DJ's. But there two sides two every story - i had friends who were on the boat with me and had an amazing time! I could even believe it, maybe they are not as picky as I am, maybe they had better party favors. All i know for sure that when that boat docked i got off.

Finally off to the hotel to get some rest.

Or so i thought.

After had made up my mind to go to bed, my friend Nicole would not leave me alone, this girl spent a good 40 mins of her time offering me all sorts of bribes to go to Resolute with her. So i finally caved, said to my self the weekend is too short "I must keep Dancing". We got to TV Bar, caught the last few minutes of Alex Smoke's set, but not really enough to say i saw Smoke. But what really impressed me was Dario Zenker, i had never seen him spin live before and I really hope they recorded his set because he did a phenomenal job, one of my favorite of the weekend. I don't even know what time I left Resolute but it was worth it.

My only regret, was not waking up some of my other friends who had already gone to bed, but I felt bad waking them up from sweet dreams! :heart:

Monday Morning - Duh! Need I Say More? The Old Miami!

Need I say More? Flyer looks like Lee Curtis is getting it in the ass.

Tired after a few hours rest, got ready again. At this point trying not to look like a techno zombie, there was only one place to be, The Old Miami. It was more packed this year than ever. I was kinda happy that this party got rained on because after all the silly people that were scared of water left that's when things got good! Debauchery ensued because we knew we're hitting the home stretch so why don't we give it our all. Matthew once again proved why he's one of my favorite DJ's. We shut that place down rain and all festival time it was. Thanks Seth! This year is a wet one and good one.
Monday Night - Blah!
Monday was rough! DEMF/Movement what ever the fuck you wanna call it, felt like crazy town! Come on give a break Ive been going non stop for the last 3 days. At this point i don't even care where i go next i just want one last hurrah before i go home! Let's take a safe bet Hot Natured at Exodus Lounge, a little old school never hurt anybody, it ends early and If we we go anywhere else we are bound to miss our flights. About an hour or two into this party, it literally stunk! Imagine a bunch of tired fucked up people walking around holding their noses "Saying who farted?", i guess a sewage pipe broke or something, because all of the sudden Hot Natured was hit with smell that can only be compared to that of old wet socks and dirty diapers.

That was my cue! "Ok, you've made it all the way till Monday you can go home now". And that's exactly what i did.

Monday, June 21, 2010

DEMF POP QUIZ - TRUE OR FALSE: Movement Festival 2010

Test your knowledge Interesting Questions, Facts, and Information

  1. True or False? Magda played the best set ever at the Voyage Royale party.

  2. True or False? DEMF/Movement was not a trending topic on Twitter.

  3. True or False? The CENTRE ST SOCIAL, along with several other afterparties, were shut down on Staturday night by Detroit law enforcement.

  4. True or False? During Monday's down pour all but one stage was shut down. All stages later reopened and Movement Festival was back in business.

  5. True or False? This year was the 10th Anniversary of DEMF/Movement.

  6. True or False? Richie Hawtin played on 2 different stages during the festival.

  7. True or False? Carl Craig was the creative director of Movement 2010.

  8. True or False? Kid Rock help sponsor the sound in the Torino Stage.

  9. True or False? Richie Hawtin played at Reliv for $5 Monday night.

  10. True or False? Droid Behavior's Drumcell was scheduled to play Monday.

  1. FALSE. Maybe if she had showed up. But Cassy, Carola and Richie did rock the boat.

  2. TRUE. Sadly, it wasn't but this should be our goal as a community next year.

  3. TRUE. Seems like every year I go to Detroit there's a shooting some where.

  4. TRUE. All stages but the Made in Detroit stage where shut down on Monday due to rain.

  5. TRUE. In 2009 there was some debate about the actual 10 year
    anniversary, but it was this year - 2010.

  6. FALSE. This was a trick question, he played as Plastikman on the Vitamin Water Stage and Richie Hatwin on the Beatport Stage.

  7. TRUE. He has returned after a small hiatus.

  8. FALSE. He did sponsor sound for the Made in Detroit stage. He is a big supporter of Movement, its the second time he has sponsored a stage.

  9. TRUE. Very true and it was so packed!

  10. FALSE. He was not scheduled to play, but he did play before Chris Liebing on the Beat Port Stage.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Behind the Scenes - EDC 2008

Electric Daisy Carnival 2008 I was working with Whump Sound and we did the sound for one of the stages.  I played a 2hr "Sound Check" on this stage before EDC opened for the public to give the workers setting up some music to enjoy while they worked.

EDC Sign goes up 2008

Electric Daisy Carnival 2010

FRIDAY: Deadmau5, Moby
SATURDAY: Armin Van Burren, Groove Armada

and much much more TBA...

We’re happy to announce that the website for Electric Daisy Carnival 2010 is now live! Two full days and nights of beats, freaks, fun and festivities as Insomniac transforms the Exposition Park and the L.A. Memorial Coliseum into a carnival for the eyes and ears.

There’s information that is still on the way, including more artist info and links, details about art installations and sculpture, as well as more travel information and general event news. We’ve been working nonstop to bring you a special two-day event and this site is the official source for everything you need to know about this year’s festival. Please use it to explore the lineups of world-class talent that we have booked, with five stages and over 70 artists and DJs performing, there’s something for everyone to enjoy! The site is also a logistical resource; use it to purchase tickets, browse maps, obtain information about the venue, get details about the event as they are made available. Keep checking back and stay in tune with new information as it's posted.

Finally, we have an important announcement. This years EDC will include two main stages. Stay tune for more details!

Insomniac can’t wait to see you all on the weekend of June 25th and 26th as the world's leading names in dance music descend upon L.A. for an entire weekend and we light up the sky with an extraordinary production that will burn in our memories for years to come!

Festival Dates:
Friday June 25th & Saturday June 26th, 2010

Festival Hours:
Friday June 25th 2pm to 2am
Saturday June 26th 2pm to 2am

No refunds or exchanges
Photo ID required for all will call ticket pick-ups.

Age Restrictions:
GA Tickets - 16+ or must be with legal guardian.
VIP Tickets 21+
VIP Cabanas 21+

Exposition Park & The L.A. Coliseum
3939 S. Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA 90037

Downtown LA's Exposition Park & The L.A. Coliseum will undergo a unique transformation as the Electric Daisy Carnival comes to town! adjacent to the LA Sports Arena, Insomniac will create a whimsical festival environment complete with five areas of music, carnival rides, vendor village, and an array of other festival amusements.
The LA Memorial Coliseum & Exposition Park is central to everyone in Southern California and accessible for travelers. Only 15 minutes from LAX and just 30 minutes from Orange County & the San Fernando Valley. Electric Daisy Carnival is located just off the 110 freeway on Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. The festivities are only 15 minutes from the beach, 10 minutes from Hollywood and 45 minutes from Disneyland!

Make travel plans early to ensure you enjoy the full experience, drive safe, carpool and we’ll see you there with a smile on your face!


Friday -$150
Saturday - $175
Friday + Saturday ticket - $250

For those looking to add a special flare to their Carnival experience! VIP ticket holders will be provided with an array of perks in addition to everything that the General Admission tickets offer:

* Separate entrance into the festival for faster entry
* Hosted bar: Liquor is served until 1:45am
* Observation deck overlooking main stage A & B
* Insomniac VIP lanyard & badge
* VIP restroom facilities
* Access to exclusive VIP lounge


Friday Cabana -$2500
Saturday Cabana - $3000
Friday + Saturday Cabana - $4900

Insomniac is happy to announce the availability of uniquely situated VIP Cabanas placed directly overlooking the Kinetic Field, that offer an intimate yet upclose festival experience. Your personal cabana includes the following:

* Eight (8) complimentary VIP tickets (per day)
* Two (2) bottles of premium vodka with mixers
* Hosted open bar
* Personal velvet-roped 10X10 cabana for you and your guests
* Dedicated waitstaff serving complimentary drinks and refreshments directly to your cabana (8:30pm - 2:00am)
* Private viewing area for the main stage in your cabana
* Insomniac VIP lanyard & badge
* Separate VIP entrance into the festival for faster entry
* Access to exclusive VIP lounge
* VIP restroom facilities

For more information about the Ultimate VIP Cabana experience and to make reservations, please contact us by email at or

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Techno Tourism: Deals to Ibiza

Customize your all included deal at

Combine Barcelona and Ibiza with a flight between cities.
Included: • Round trip International Flights

• Flight into Barcelona and out of Ibiza

• Hotel for 3 nights in Barcelona

• Flight Barcelona to Ibiza

• Hotel for 3 nights in Ibiza

• Daily breakfast (if stated in hotel info)

• Hotel taxes
Min 6 nights
From $ 957*

Combine Madrid, Barcelona and Ibiza between the cities.
Included: • Round trip International Flights

• Hotel for 2 nights in Madrid

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• Hotel for 2 nights in Ibiza

• Daily breakfast (if stated in hotel description)

• Hotel taxes
Min 6 nights
From $ 1135*

Combine Madrid and Ibiza with flights between cities.
Included: • Round trip International Flights

• Hotel for 3 nights in Madrid

• Flight Madrid to Ibiza

• Hotel for 3 nights in Ibiza

• Daily breakfast (if stated in hotel description)

• Hotel taxes
Min 6 nights
From $ 998*

Combine Mallorca and Ibiza with flights between cities.
Included: • Round trip International Flights

• Hotel for 3 nights in Mallorca

• Flight Mallorca to Ibiza

• Hotel for 3 nights in Ibiza

• Daily breakfast (if stated in hotel info)

• Hotel taxes
Min 6 nights
From $ 882*


To get to the next level of enjoyment, the next level of depth, the next level of productivity, success, obsession, or insanity, all you have to do - is commit.

The people at Insomniac Events, with the Electric Daisy Carnival, have certainly done that. Let's take hypercolor purple and pink to that next level. Let's be weird and love it. Let's promote the euphoria that comes with transcendent fashion, makeup, and ageless nakedness in the dark, but under the lights.

Let your freak flag fly; you can either raise your eyebrows and wonder, or dive into the kiddie pool face first and see if you break through the glass in one piece.

Festivals are about bringing, sharing and receiving energy, and this one is all about positivity and the madness of the human experience; the circus, with no dull coat of paint.

With 2012 right around the corner, why not, eh!?

Maybe I will see you there.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Count Down To Burning Man

As of this very moment in time.

days 2 hours 2 minutes 52 seconds

until the Man burns.

Movement 2010: Dust + Scratches | Post-DEMF Interview: Big Bully

Big Bully played the Shit Show at TV Bar. What a crazy good time that was, but now its time to get his take on Movement week end.

BG: A somewhat jack-of-all-trades, Dawson Baca (aka Big Bully) likes to work the crowd with his playful yet incisive cuts, jacked up beats, and sultry vocals. He is a dj/musician/vocalist/producer and label head of his label Mineral Musica. Bully's unique blend of streetwise flavor and techno sophistication certainly adds an edge to the minimal techno scene. But dont be fooled by this tough guy's attitude, because no sooner will he woo you with his sweet, sexy vocals and soulful productions. This renegade musician is always in search of the new, the different, the transgressive. Whether he's on the decks, on the microphone, or rocking a live set, the flavour is being felt.

The economic crisis is no more apparent than in Detroit than in any other city, it's heartbreaking what impacted you the most from your visit to Movement/DEMF this year?

I think what affected me is the same thing that always affects me when I have visited Detroit, even with the current economic crisis aside, is the situation in Detroit in general. seeing the state it is in as a result of the industry leaving Detroit and the way it has been left virtually as a ghost town.

What sets Detroit apart from the others cities you’ve played at?

I think being able to perform in the birthplace of techno, in general. Just to be able to add my little piece of stitching in the fabric of techno there.

What was favorite artist or act at DEMF? Which inspired you and left an impression? Besides yourself of course. :)

I liked Cassy's set alot. Dj sneak jacked it up. and Soul Clap, Crazy Larry, Derek Plaslaiko and Eddie C at shit show really blew me away, as did the entire shit show as a whole. there were so many solid sets played there and just an incredible party overall. Wow! Thanks to Matt Abbott/secrets.

Are there any tracks where massive bombs this Movement/DEMF? Or anything you heard more than once?

Mmm. To be honest, there were some bombs, but they were some tracks I did not know.. (I guess I should have pulled out the iPhone and used Shazaam. haha)

What the one piece of advice you would give to any one going to Movement/DEMF based on your personal experience?

Drink lots of water, take all of your vitamins, and bring some extra socks.

Okay, enough about Detroit its time for some fun!

What’s playing in the IPod besides EDM?

Elliott Smith, Zeppelin, Dj Nobody, Dj Kutmah, Gonjasufi, Townes Van Zandt, Bell Gardens, Beck/Sea change.

If one song were to describe your life, which song would that be? Ramblin Man.

Describe your fighting style: drunken master or angry monkey? Drunken master.

If deserted on an island, what three things would you want and why would you choose them?

3 wishes (1. no suffering 2. peace on earth 3. unlimited free records ;) ... I know, I sound like a pageant contestant.

Would you rather be invisible or be able to read minds?

Able to read minds. So I can make a living as a traveling mind reading show.

More info on Big Bully here:

DEMF 2010: Who is Orlando Voorn?


Great audio recording, my friend Ryan narrates angry comments on his blog. Sorry for my ignorance but I didn't know of him either. You can't know everything thing and that's the damn truth.

Well now you can see for yourself.

Orlando Voorn @ DEMF 2010

Zoo York!


Pretty Lights
Avicii, Fake Blood, Joachim Garraud, Pete Tong, Popof & Reboot

New York’s Electronic Music Festival
September 4 & 5, 2010 (Labor Day Weekend)

Randall's Island Park
Open Air Festival 11am-11pm Each Day
50+ Artists Over Multiple Stages

The anticipation for the 2010 edition of Electric Zoo continues to build with a lineup stacked full of electronic music heavyweights ready to descend on New York’s Randall’s Island Park this Labor Day weekend on September 4 & 5, 2010. With a lineup that features headlining sets from The Chemical Brothers and Armin van Buuren and a who’s who of the world’s top DJs and electronic music artists, Electric Zoo is proud to announce the latest group of artists set to play New York’s biggest electronic music festival. On Saturday, electronic hip-hop fusion outfit Pretty Lights provides a raucous headlining live performance. Other additions include UK's veritable Radio 1 tastemaker Pete Tong, the future of Swedish house, rising star Avicii, UK's certified electro hitmaker Fake Blood, two of France's prized dance exports Joachim Garraud and electro minimalist Popof, and Germany’s techno maestro Reboot. Stay tuned for the final announcement of acts to be added to this electric lineup as we count down the days!

SIRIUS XM’s Area channel will launch a new weekly show Electric Zoo Radio in anticipation of this year’s Electric Zoo Festival. The new limited-run weekly show will launch with an exclusive set from Grammy®-nominated DJ and producer Paul van Dyk on Thursday, June 17th at 8pm ET. Every Thursday leading up to the two-day Electric Zoo Festival, Electric Zoo Radio will showcase DJ sets and interviews with artists who are scheduled to appear at the festival. Sirius XM also features weekly shows from several top festival artists: Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk, Above & Beyond, Benny Benassi, John Digweed, Kaskade, and Markus Schulz. Keep an ear out for weekly Electric Zoo ticket giveaways and sign up for a FREE Sirius XM 30-Day VIP online trial subscription here. Electric Zoo Radio will air every Thursday at 8:00 pm ET with rebroadcasts on Sundays at 7:00 pm ET now through Thursday, September 2nd.

2-Day General Admission Passes are available now. VIP Upgrades are also available with optional parking. For tickets and information, go to:

Like Us:
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Here is a current list of artists performing at Electric Zoo 2010 (*indicates new):

The Chemical Brothers
Paul van Dyk
Benny Benassi
Richie Hawtin
Major Lazer
Pretty Lights*

Armin van Buuren
Above & Beyond
John Digweed
Fedde Le Grand
Boys Noize

Chris Lake
Claude VonStroke
D. Ramirez
Davide Squillace
Dirty South
Erol Alkan
Fake Blood*
Flying Lotus
Gareth Emery
Joachim Garraud*
Jon Hopkins
Joris Voorn
LA Riots
Laidback Luke
Marco Carola
Markus Schulz
Martin Buttrich
Matthias Tanzmann
Paco Osuna
Paul Kalkbrenner
Pete Tong*
Steve Aoki
Steve Bug
The Glitch Mob
Tom Middleton
Victor Calderone
Wolfgang Gartner

About Electric Zoo
After its inaugural year, Electric Zoo has already established itself as New York’s premier electronic music festival. In 2009, 26,000 people passed through the gates of Randall’s Island Park to witness over 50 acts representing multiple countries on 4 stages. Electric Zoo represents all genres of electronic music by bringing top international DJs and live acts along with hometown favorites to New York City. The festival’s inaugural edition received a coveted IDMA nomination for “Best U.S. Festival” and “Best Music Event” by URB magazine, as well as positive press coverage from major media outlets like CNN, New York Times, Huffington Post, Village Voice, Time Out New York, New York Post, DJ Mag, and Ocean Drive.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

DEMF 2010: Audio Story of the Plastikman Experience



What's the cheapest way to get to Ibiza for closing parties?

That is the question...

If any of you readers have any suggestions on how to make this a cheap trip, let me know. Any recommendations of places to stay, and how to save some loot would be much appreciated. I'll be doing some research and post my findings. Thinking of asking on Aardvark just to see what kind of responses I'll get.



Making of Party Animals Trailer

Party Animals Trailer

Friday, June 11, 2010

Movement 2010 Afterparty Verdicts

Time to take a look back at what actually transpired at the parties I so unabashedly recommended. The good, the bad, and the fubar.

Friday Night: Yel3 @ St. Andrew’s Hall

Despite the presence of many friends and some pretty good music, I could not for the life of me have a good time at this party.

Let’s get it out of the way: It was too fucking hot. Unbelievably hot. I can say without hyperbole that it was the hottest party I have ever been to. The entire venue was ridiculously hot from top to bottom, but the basement (housing the Spectral showcase) took the cake. It was beyond absurd. The incredibly warm and humid weather outside no doubt added to the problem, but there had to be something else at play here. The entire venue’s AC system (if it even had one) must have been out of commission. Even so, you’d think they could rent some big industrial fans and place them around the different floors. Nope. Nothing. Fans wouldn’t of made that dramatic a difference in this heat, but at least they would give the appearance that somebody gave a shit. I have no idea how the performing artists didn’t pass out. From experience I know on-stage feels at least 10 degrees hotter than off. I took no pictures, as my camera was permanently fogged up. I couldn’t go more than a few minutes without my glasses sliding off my face from the pouring sweat. My friends and I were constantly moving about between floors, wanting to hear the music in the basement, but not being able to tolerate the heat for more than a few minutes at a time. It was painful. The top floor, with Matthew Hawtin, provided some relief, but it was pretty damn hot up there too. Eventually, there were throngs of people packing the foyer, simply because it was the coolest place in the building due to the open front doors. That’s right – people had rather stand around in the music-less foyer getting screamed at by security than venture elsewhere.

Ok, so you’ve got it by now: it was too hot. What else?

I’ll get through the rest of the negatives first.

Too hot and looking for a nice, cool drink? Good luck. I had lots of fun standing at the woefully understaffed bar for about 15 solid minutes of melting before giving up. Luckily, in the basement, there was a secondary “bar” where you could get a “drink” quickly. I use the quotations because this was as much a bar as something you might find at a low-budget frat party. One of three available drink mixers was mystery juice in a soda jug with the label ripped off. But hey, it’s Detroit right? That seemed to be the excuse I heard a lot of people give. Sorry, I guess I had been giving Detroit too much credit.

There was a fantastic security fondle-a-thon on the way in. This was worse than going through security at an international airport during red alert. These guys went through every facet of my person. Any more and they would of needed latex gloves. I left the party a lot lighter than I went in, not just from water loss but because they threw out almost everything in my pockets. “We don’t even allow Tylenol,” said the guy frisking me. Are there really people that desperate to sneak in drugs that they would manufacture fake Rolaids, complete with sealed packaging? If that’s actually going on, I’d love to meet the people doing it. A friend of mine said security went through his entire case of business cards, card by card. Really?

A final complaint and I’ll move on to the positives. Many of my friends were having trouble (to say the least) enjoying the main room with Speedy J because his music wasn’t their cup of tea. Perfectly understandable. I, however, do enjoy that kind of music on occasion. I couldn’t stand that room either though. Insanely bright lights shining IN THE FACES of the crowd. Who the hell set that up? As soon as I walked in the room, bam, light in my eyeballs. Also, that was one hell of an overzealous smoke machine. It blocked out the entire stage, no joke. You couldn’t see anything at all. Did Speedy J enjoy twiddling the knobs through a dense cloud of acrid fog?

Alright, time for the good things:
Positive 1 – Good sound. Every room had nice, crisp sound.
Positive 2 – Good music. Despite the ceiling dripping with condensed perspiration, all of the artists I heard managed to play solid sets.

That’s it – and it was not enough to be enjoyable.Even though I, in a previous review, once said that the music should be the main focus of an (edm) event, good music alone is not enough to make a party fun when almost all other aspects of it are overwhelmingly bad.

Verdict: Regrettable.
Maybe I should have gone to the Beretta party instead?

Saturday Night

On Saturday I strayed off my own party picks for a bit. So first up:

The Other 9 to 5 @ 10 Critics

So very glad I took the extra (terrible) cab rides and checked this party out, because it was one of the few fun and stress-free parties I went to at DEMF this year. I had never been to 10 Critics before, but it made for a nice low-key locale. A fairly non-descript bar/lounge on the southeastern edge of Corktown, 10 Critics consisted of one sizeable main room with a central bar-in-the-round (or square in this case), and a side room housed in an old converted train car. Admittedly, I preferred the open-air deck at last year’s 9 to 5, but that aside, it was pleasant to find that the same relaxed, no-hype vibe had carried-over.

As an added bonus, some delicious bbq hamburgers were being grilled just outside the entrance all night. Considering the frenetic schedule of running between the hotel, various sets at Movement, and afterparties leaves little room for proper dining, it was nice to have this option available just when real hunger might be setting in.

The soundsystem in both rooms was more than adequate and music from all DJ’s was predictably solid. Deserving of special notice was Mark Henning’s stellar live set. It was my first encounter with him and it was a welcome surprise. Unfortunately, as we already had tickets to Centre Street Social, we left the party circa 3am in the middle of Mark’s set. Sadface.

Verdict: Good times.
As it turned out, the party (one of many to suffer the same fate) shut down prematurely just after 4am, so I guess we didn’t miss too much.

Centre Street Social @ The Carr Center for the Arts

From the people that actually made it in to this party, I’ve heard opinions ranging from really good, to mediocre at best. These divergent opinions are all I have to go on, as I was not one of those people.

Since I can’t talk about the party itself, I’ll give a brief recap of what I did experience.

We got there just after 3am to find a long line down the side of the building and some cops milling about outside. Cops are always hanging around big parties and friends inside were still giving the good word, so we thought nothing of it. Some friends were in the line, so we hopped in and began the wait. After the line hadn’t moved in 15 minutes, we began to worry. I guess we got there at exactly the wrong time (I thought 3am for a party slated to end at 9am was perfectly reasonable). We heard rumors that the cops and/or fire marshals were going through the venue and as soon as they were done that people would be allowed to enter again. This continued for a while longer. Eventually some of the promoters came out to try and assuage any fears. At one point a few people were let inside, before the line came to a halt again. This proved to be a fluke. Closer to 4, a promoter came out and said that they had to turn down the music and it would be ok. This soon led to temporarily turning off the music. At this point it began feeling like a sinking ship. Most of the people in the non-presale line had already dispersed. Those of us with presales were getting very antsy. One of the promoters made the bizarre statement that we could come inside and wait and hour or so for the music to be turned back on. At 4am, the doors opened and everyone who had been inside was ushered out. One promoter then informed us that they had made a compromise with the police, and that we could come back and the party would re-open at 6am for Dan Bell’s set. I wasn’t buying it. After inquiring about a refund, we skedaddled.

Seems like after the several shootings that occurred that night, the Detroit police just had it in for every party, and decided that everything was going to be shut down, regardless of where it was or what was going on at it.

I will say that, after the fact, regarding the refund, apologies, and explanation, the promoters were completely professional and courteous. The night of, they did say a few things that were… perplexing, if not infuriating, but with all the people involved, I’m not really sure who said what or why. So although I was mad at the time (whoever was addressing the line could use some PR improvement) I can’t really say I blame them either way. I imagine it was a terribly frustrating and disappointing experience for everyone involved.

This past week, the promoters issued an official statement and explanation of the night to all those presale holders who did not get in to the party and instructions on how to obtain a refund.

Verdict: A Damn shame. It really sucks on all sides when things like this happen, but I don’t think anyone could of really seen it coming. I guess in hindsight, I wish I would have stayed at the VOLATL party, and then moved on to The Works (apparently the only place that didn't get shut down early), but I did have those presales... If there is anyone truly to blame, I suppose it would be the criminals who went around shooting people in Detroit that night, thereby spurring the police in to action (aka, shutting down everything). Despite the positivity that Movement brings to Detroit, the city is still bogged down by the overhanging shadow of crime and poverty.

Sunday Night: Voyage Royale aka I'm On a Boat 2
Initially, this had all the potential to be another great outing on the Detroit Princess. We arrived early, shortly after boarding began, and got inside in no time. The entry process was smooth and quick, likely aided by the majority of the crowd still being at Movement, watching the closing sets.

As we entered, Carl Craig was already pushing great music on the first level, with DJ Sneak soon doing the same on level 3. It always inspires a cheerful feeling in me to see world-class DJ legends passionately opening empty rooms, showcasing their true professionalism.

The boat gradually filled up, and set sail some time after 1am. Finally, the second floor opened up. It seemed everyone on the boat was waiting for this moment, since when it happened, the other two floors immediately cleared out. I was eager to find out how the musical flow of the night in that room would play out, so I left my spot in front of DJ Sneak and ventured downstairs. When the lineup had still been Ricardo Villalobos and Cassy, I had assumed that they would most likely be tag-teaming throughout the night. When it shifted to Richie Hawtin, Magda, and Cassy, I figured it would be a more tiered setup, with Cassy playing an individual set, and perhaps Richie and Magda playing together, since the sounds of Cassy and Minus don’t exactly mesh smoothly in my opinion. What I heard was… well, neither. As soon as I got to the second floor and heard the first few bars of music, I paused and thought to myself, “This isn’t Cassy… it doesn’t sound like Minus stuff either… this is… oh Lord no... it sounds like Marco Carola!!?”

That’s right, there had been another last-minute lineup change. It seems Magda had not arrived in time to play the event, so they had filled her slot with Marco Carola.

I was crestfallen. Although in the past I have enjoyed some of his work, over the last two years or so, I have come to loathe Carola’s music. Magda and Richie had already felt like a fairly inadequate replacement for Villalobos to me, but swapping Magda for Marco Carola was watering it down even further. If a set from Villalobos and Cassy would have been the techno equivalent of a Coen Brothers film, then surely Marco Carola is Michael Bay: all CGI explosions and no substance. Obviously this is just my opinion, and there are plenty of people out there who love Carola. This was evidenced by, if nothing else, the consistently packed-out second floor, and the relatively vacant floors one and three. It was amusing for me, however, to find that upon leaving the party, my friends’ opinions on the music of the second floor seemed to correlate almost directly with how intoxicated the opinion-giver was. If they were on the sober end, like me, the music was lame. If they were completely wasted, it was “OMG AMAZING!”

Apparently, both Cassy and Richie were trading on and off with Marco throughout the night, but even so, the musical climate was decidedly that of Marco. I caught Cassy tossing on a record or two, and those of you who heard me speak about her set at Movement earlier that day will know I absolutely adore her. Here, conversely, her presence went easily unnoticed. It felt as though she was trying to blend in to the sound, but ultimately it came off as awkward. I can’t fault her though. Her and Marco’s styles are almost night and day. Richie’s presence felt a bit phoned-in as well. After putting on the Plastikman performance on Saturday, and then a three hour set just minutes before the boat departed, he might of just been spent. I soon departed for the much more welcoming sounds of the third and first floors. I would check back now and then with the second floor in the hopes that it picked up, but no such luck. More trouble abounded when the sound on that floor completely cut out for an extended period (although the loudly-rattling ceiling while it was on wasn't so great either).

If not for the excellent sets from DJ Sneak, Stacey Pullen, and Derrick Carter, the night would have been all but ruined. Even the crowd managed to irritate the hell out of me. This time around it seemed to be densely populated by yokels who thought yelling “I’m on a boat” was still funny, a year plus after the viral video ceased making its rounds, as opposed to actual music enthusiasts. Yes, this party brought out the snob in me like no other.

The magic of last year’s cruise was absolutely gone, and as soon as the boat docked, I made a b-line for the exit. Looking back, the best part about the night might have been the massive and delicious $5 fruit and cheese plate. That’s too sad to even laugh about, right?

Verdict: Forgettable. I probably should have refunded my ticket as soon as I heard about the Villalobos withdrawal, but hopes that the other members of the lineup would make up for it kept me going. I’ve heard from several people that the ReSolute party was a bunch of fun, so perhaps that was the better option.

Monday Day: Need I Say More? Part V @ The Old Miami

What can I say that I haven’t previously said about this yearly endeavor? Great party, stellar music, excellent vibe. Generally good times all around. Musical highlights this year for me were Masomenos (although I only caught Adrien’s half – still f’ing amazing), and Matt Tolfrey, who I only wish could of played for longer. His short but sweet set, closing with The Gathering – In My System, was probably the most memorable musical moment for me over all four(ish) days.

There were, however, some notable differences this year. When we arrived around noon, the place was PACKED. Hands down the most people I’ve ever seen at the Old Miami. An inside source cited record numbers, with 1,400 people in attendance! Movement itself had record attendance this year, so I suppose it should come as no surprise that the accompanying parties did as well. Previously though, Need I Say More had always felt a bit more like a smaller family gathering. Luckily the surging crowd didn’t have much of an impact on the good times, although some of the bouncers seemed noticeably more aggressive in the wake of it (can’t blame ‘em). A blessing in disguise, the midday rain showers (which temporarily shut down the party) managed to clear out most of the fair-weather scenesters, leaving welcome breathing room for those of us that stuck it out.

Another indicator that this is becoming a more prominent party was the improved sound, with two additional speaker banks at the rear of the yard. There also appeared to be a small film crew (?) covering the event for a portion of the time. I’m not sure if the fire marshal convention (I counted 4) bespoke the party outgrowing its britches either, but any fears were allayed when minutes later I spotted them chuckling over beers inside.

Just after 4pm, during Ryan Elliott & Matthew Dear’s tag-team set (which seems to have become a yearly tradition now), I had to leave due to some personal issues, so I can’t be sure where the party went from there. The 4 or so hours I spent there were more or less the best of the weekend though, once again making Need I Say More the main thing that has my mind drifting towards Detroit every May. Some friends of mine are even talking about flying in solely for it. Hmm…

Verdict: Still pretty damn awesome.

Monday Night: Hot Natured @ Exodus Lounge

Ok, so there was a lot more disco this year (although still not in the very traditional sense). Even so, this party once again proved to be a nice mostly-relaxing wind down for the weekend. I say “mostly” since once again, the bouncers randomly decided to shut down the party prematurely, causing several of my friends some undue stress. I can’t remember quite when they shut it down last year, but I feel like it was a lot later than this year’s 2:30 end time. I get the feeling that if there’s another Hot Natured next year, it will be hosted at a different venue. I don’t quite understand why the management at Exodus would even agree to have another party when they constantly want to shut it down. It seems they weren’t completely full of it though, as there was a decent contingent of disgruntled cops standing around, looking like they wanted to bust the place, as we stepped out of the front door.

Another minor detractor from the night was the presence of a terrible smell, first mild, then progressively worse, on the otherwise wonderful patio. I think it may have been garbage wafting over from the alley of a nearby restaurant. It seemed to hit its peak near 2am, when everyone decided it was unbearable and came rushing indoors.

Despite these two things, I stand by my recommendation, as the party was good fun while it lasted, and certainly the chilled-out atmosphere I had been looking forward to. At that point in my excursion, I don’t think I could of withstood the energy of the unadvertised Richie Hawtin party – the other big shindig going on that night.

Verdict: Fun yet stinky


There we have it, a drastically different outcome from my picks last year. For me, there were obviously quite a lot of disappointments. I’ll be interested to hear if others concur with my assessments, or if perhaps I’ve simply grown more temperamental over the past year. Let us know what you think!