Thursday, June 17, 2010


To get to the next level of enjoyment, the next level of depth, the next level of productivity, success, obsession, or insanity, all you have to do - is commit.

The people at Insomniac Events, with the Electric Daisy Carnival, have certainly done that. Let's take hypercolor purple and pink to that next level. Let's be weird and love it. Let's promote the euphoria that comes with transcendent fashion, makeup, and ageless nakedness in the dark, but under the lights.

Let your freak flag fly; you can either raise your eyebrows and wonder, or dive into the kiddie pool face first and see if you break through the glass in one piece.

Festivals are about bringing, sharing and receiving energy, and this one is all about positivity and the madness of the human experience; the circus, with no dull coat of paint.

With 2012 right around the corner, why not, eh!?

Maybe I will see you there.

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