Wednesday, June 2, 2010

DEMF 2010: Movement Festival Leftovers

Pics of my left over, some people say the taste better the second time around.

The entire lot.

Bussiness cards of some awesome people I met.

Notes on some tracks Ellen Allein played, ticket my friend got me for her show, festival bracelet and last but not least a flower my friend gave me; it's as mangled as I am.

The Movement Festival official program guide and some promo CDs, can't leave a festival with out them. Some might be good some might suck I will just have to listen to them all. :-) thanks to you all that gave me one.

Laptop case thingy from RedBull Music Academy, I got it at the media check in it makes me want to apply!

Just found more stuff after unpacking, hot natured necklace, listed and humansafterall sticker that were still stuck to my clothes.


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  1. I didn't get one of those laptop case things! wtf! I want!

  2. that laptop case is dope!
    and that sticker looks like bender from futurama lol

  3. it was only some people not sure what the criteria was?