Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Movement 2010: Dust + Scratches | Post-DEMF Interview: Claude VonStroke

CVS (Claude VonStroke) for his second appearance at the festival he did not disappoint at the Beatport Stage, dropping his usual bass heavy beats. "This, That, What the fuck?" That Choon is still echoing in my brain!!!

Claude's real name is Barclay Crenshaw, the name "Claude VonStroke" was a random joke that caught on after a series of tracks grabbed the attention of underground dance music in 2005. He was raised in the suburbs Detroit who wanted to be a filmmaker but always had a knack for music. After several different film careers of varying success and with some help from his friends, VonStroke started the dirtybird label at the very late age of 32.

Since 2005, dirtybird has carved out a niche as a premiere American label and has released over 40 EPs. VonStroke has released two artist albums as well as a Fabric mix and over 25 remixes for a wide range of commercial and underground artists from Indy rock group The Rapture to Detroit techno legend Kevin Saunderson.

In an effort to give something back to the community VonStroke unveiled a new label Mothership in 2007. A large percentage of the label's proceeds go to a music school for children in Claude's hometown. This label features more euro-flavored techno and house featuring artists like Catz an Dogz, Maetrik and Voodeux.

The economic crisis is no more apparent than in Detroit than in any other city, it's heartbreaking what impacted you the most from your visit to Movement/DEMF this year?

The city looks exactly the same as it did 10 years ago, with a few casinos added in. This may sound crazy but I couldn't tell the difference from any other visit back home besides the fact there are "for sale" signs everywhere. The rough areas are still rough and the posh areas are still posh. Maybe the prices have dropped but the city hasn't fallen off the map yet. Detroiters are tough and they no how to live through hard times AND good times.

What sets Detroit apart from the others cities you’ve played at/visited?

I grew up just outside the city in a nice suburb so going to Detroit is going home for me. There's nothing like playing at home. I love it. If i wasn't from that area i don't know how I would feel about it.

What was favorite artist or act at DEMF? Which inspired you and left an impression?

DJ Godfather. I totally forgot what a madman he is on the decks. Absolute murder! He has got a real sick set of Dj skills and i love hearing a booty set in Detroit on the waterfront. That's the stuff i always liked. I never got into the techno like everyone else. I always liked the nasty ghetto stuff from Detroit the best.

Are there any tracks where massive bombs this Movement/DEMF? Or anything you heard more than once?

No. the talent was very varied and so unlike a place like Miami where everyone is trying to be cool and jump on the latest trend you wouldn't really hear a popular track become the theme of the Detroit festival. the taste and opinions of the artists are too diverse, which is a good thing. There are old techno classics that pop up of course but otherwise u get what i mean.

What the one piece of advice you would give to any one going to Movement/DEMF based on your personal experience?

Go see something new. Go see something you already love. And just enjoy the sunshine.

Lets get into the fun zone!

What’s playing in the IPod besides EDM?

MFDoom "Kookies" I love it!

If one song were to describe your life, which song would that be?

Everybody Wang Chung Tonight

Describe your fighting style: drunken master or angry monkey?

Drunken Monkey

If deserted on an island, what three things would you want and why would you choose them?

Sat phone, helicopter, and sunscreen. I'd be there for a quick swim. then back home.

Would you rather be invisible or be able to read minds?

Invisible for sure! Reading minds would be a terrible curse. It would drive you crazy in about a week I think. Invisible could be really fun. Just watch for cars.

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