Thursday, May 27, 2010

Villalobos Canceled!

More visa issues continue at the last minute, another mega cancellation for Detroit comes with the news that Ricardo Villalobos was denied a visa. Wtf is going on with Germany/US visas?

Press Release:


DETROIT, May 27, 2010—Ricardo Villalobos’ scheduled performance this weekend at the Movement Electronic Music Festival Powered by Ford Fiesta has been cancelled, but Richie Hawtin has agreed to perform in his place on the BeatPort Stage Sunday, May 30 from 9 pm until midnight.

Goetz Guse of Cocoon Agency out of Frankfurt, Germany informed festival organizers today that Villalobos will not be able to perform at Movement. Guse said, “Ricardo did not receive his Working VISA back in time due to US immigration Authorities at abroad consulates. Even with precocious legal support from the US as well as from Germany he still wasn’t able to obtain the Working VISA due to unexpected bureaucratic obstacles.”

Movement organizers expressed disappointment about the news regarding Villalobos, but are optimistic festival-goers will enjoy a Richie Hawtin performance as the replacement.

“We are disappointed Ricardo is not able to make it, especially with it being so close to the festival, but the show must continue,” said Jason Huvaere, the executive director of Movement. “However, we are very grateful Richie agreed to fill in. Nowhere else will you get to experience Richie Hawtin presenting Plastikman live one night, and then the next night see an original Richie Hawtin DJ set, it’s going to be truly amazing.”
The Plastikman live performance will be the headliner on the Vitaminwater Main Stage the first night of the festival, Saturday, May 29. It is scheduled for 11 p.m. to midnight. After Hawtin performs a three-hour set on the Beatport Stage, he will be aboard the sold out Voyage Royal: I’m on a Boat 2 after party to perform with DJ Magda in place of Villalobos on the second floor of the Detroit Princess.


  1. ugh richie as a replacement, awful all around
    and on the boat with Magda? what happened to Cassy?

  2. Richie looks like a jedi knight

  3. Who was the other 'major' cancellation?

  4. Marcel Dettmann

  5. The other major cancellation was Marcel Dettmann at the Centre Street Social after-party, being replaced by Onur Özer... Not so bad. But I'd much rather hear Ricardo than Richie DJ. *sigh*

  6. BullSHIT.....You don't find out on the day of the event that your artist isn't coming. You know weeks in advance. Which is exactly why this is all bullshit. How dare anyone through an event as large as this(one that people travel across the country to attend)and use an artist who isn't even attending to promote their party. This was done in such poor taste. All involved the involved parties should be ashamed. You can strike professionalism from Paxahaus' list of achievements.