Friday, May 21, 2010

Movement 2010 Afterparty Picks - Round 2: Saturday

With the first official day of afterparties, the choices become a steeper hill to climb. For me however, there was already a clear winner early on.

My recommendation:
Centre Street Social @ The Carr Center for the Arts

Being dubbed "Berghain in a box" by some, if you're interested in hearing where Techno is going these days, this is the place to be. Headlining will be the much-adored Marcel Dettmann and Ben Klock, of Berghain (aka, epicenter of German techno) and Ostgut Ton fame, both exclusive to this event in Detroit. The icing on the cake? An exclusive closing set by none other than Daniel Bell, godfather of minimal techno. Somewhere between the 11pm - 9am timespan, Levon Vincent, a New York DJ/Producer garnering much recent acclaim, will also be playing. Rounding out the lineup will be sets from regional favorites from the likes of SanFran's Kontrol crew and Detroit's Beretta music, who along with Particle People and Humanaut helped put together this impressive show.

What's even more intriguing: the event is boasting the goal of having "the best sound system at any event outside of the festival." The promoters have even gone as far as posting the spec sheet for their soundsystem. I've never seen anybody do that before. Color me f***ing excited. (I guess that's no so much a color)

Ticketing and info here.

Oh, and if for some reason 9am is too early (I can't decide if that's ironic or not) for you to turn in, head on over to SHxT SHOW @ Tv Bar, which gets started late-night Saturday and continues through 'til Sunday at 10pm! More on this in round 3...

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