Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Movement 2010 Afterparty Picks - Round 3: Sunday

Picking up from where I left off last, new to the Detroit experience this year will be the day-long Shit Show party at TV Bar on Sunday. An ambitious 19-hour excursion in to "after hours," this will be an alternative to Movement that day, for those of you who don't mind missing any acts at the festival. It will feature 23 acts, including names like Soul Clap, Visionquest, Cesar Mervielle, and Todd Osborn. Perhaps this will become a regular DEMF occurrence along the lines of Need I Say More.
Tickets and info here.

Now, on to the night and... recommendation:
Voyage Royale on The Detroit Princess

AKA "I'm On a Boat 2," if you attended last year's iteration, you will understand my recommendation. This is one of the rare occasions where I hope they change nothing about the party from last year. Everything was on point: smooth and speedy entrance, good sound, tons of room, ample and relatively clean bathrooms, phenomenal lineup. Plus you're on a goddamn boat, cruising down the river. There's nothing like stepping out of a sweaty techno romp to catch a breeze on the deck and see the city skyline floating past you in the background.

The only appreciable difference I hope this year brings is the lineup, which pretty much speaks for itself. Top floor: house legends Derrick Carter and DJ Sneak. Middle floor: techno idols Cassy and Ricard Villalobos, the later of which is one of only two North American appearances the entire year (the other of course being at Movement itself). First floor: Detroit godfathers Carl Craig and Stacey Pullen share the stage with the creative likes of Mirko Loko and Agoria.

The downside? Tickets are already sold out! Admittedly, that makes this recommendation kind of bogus for anyone who hadn't already decided on their Sunday night gameplan. Pending confirmation from Paxahau, there might be some reserved tickets sold at Movement itself, so keep an eye out. In light of this fact, here's some more recommendations for the night:

ReSolute Goes Detroit @ TV Bar
New york promoters ReSolute return to the D this year for another all-nighter. If you spent all day at Shit Show, you might be growing sick of TV Bar by this point. Even so, the A-class lineup might have you coming back. In one room is the Vakant vs. Dumb-Unit showcase, featuring the stellar Alex Smoke (live), and Jeremy P. Caulfield. Mosey on over to the other room for a dose of the always solid Camea (in a tag team with Clink labelmate Alexi Delano), and Kate Simko.

Want more abuse? Head on over to No Way Back @ The Bohemian National Home. Here you can have a taste of New York's Bunker in Detroit, with favorites like Derek Plaslaiko and Mike Servito.

Both of these parties extend in to the wee hours of the morning (or in ReSolute's case, noon), so even if you managed to snag tickets to the boat, you can hit either of these up afterward if you so desire.

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