Friday, May 28, 2010

DEMF 2010: FLL to DTW

Sitting at the Chili’s in Ft Lauderdale airport waiting to get on my flight, having a margarita and hopefully I’ll be hammered by the time I get on board; flying always gets me a little nervous.

With all this extra time before I board about I keep thinking how much fun I’m about to have. Also reflecting yesterday’s news of the cancellations (Villalobos & Marcel Dettmann). When I opened my email and saw the press release hit me like an atom bomb my world crumbled a bit. But even with all the bad news it still doesn’t trump how excited I am for this DEMF. Regardless, it’s going to be an epic weekend and feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t see it. The rest of the line-up is pretty damn solid and so are the after parties its just small bump in the road.

I’ve been looking forward to this trip for weeks, NO! NO! make that months. So nothing will get in the way of me having fun. That’s my general attitude when I travel, fun is what I do best. It’s unbelievable how excited I always get when I go on these trips, whether its WMC, LoveFest or DEMF. I become wound up like a like a 7 year old kid that knows he’s going to Disney World. I guess this is what keeps me coming back.

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