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After a successful Winter Music conference debut at Listed presents Balance 016 release party and an infamous Sunday School for Degenerates appearance back in March, forward thinking DJ and producer Sebastien Devaud, a.k.a. Agoria, is ready to get back to the New World continent…

Just out of his teens, Sebastien, already a music lover, stamped his feet in front of the counter at a record shop that specialized in electronic sounds. He was waiting for improbable American or German vinyl that would shape a culture and a well-defined willpower to engage permanently in an eccentric/electric lifestyle.

Sebastien acquired a true education while residing in the countryside family nest, where his fairly artistic parents (his father is the architect of the bubble-house on the cover of his debut album, and his mother teaches music) give him a taste for music and real life, and where his radio served as a musical matrix…

When he discovered his first techno tracks and raves, it was the true electroshock that led this young man to give life to what could have been a mere childhood dream. Instead, Sebastien became Agoria, a passionate worker with an insatiable curiosity and eternal smile, and a new sound was born.

Today, JustQualityMusic sits down with Sebastien to talk about past, present, future plans and his North American Tour…

JQM: Bonjour, sa va?

AGORIA: I’m good, just sitting in the studio how are you?

JQM: Bon! Merci! Please introduce yourself.

AGORIA: My name Is Sebastien Devaud. I go by the name of Agoria. I live in Lyon in France and I produce and DJ electronic music.

JQM: Lyon France! Why not Berlin? Seems like that’s the Mecca for techno.

AGORIA: No I’m really happy to have the town I’m living in right now. It allows me to build the scene here. I think it’s important everywhere for the artist that is involved in the whole techno movement not to be only thinking about themselves and travel every few years changing the town just to have fun.
Maybe I’m a bit more militant than the new generation, because I remember the thing in the 90’s. It was really impossible to organize techno parties. The rave parties were being cancelled everywhere, and it was really difficult to listen to techno music. That’s why I get this militant feeling. That is also a reason I created NUITS SONORES festival with some friends. I’m not involved anymore day by day with the festival but they are my family and I’m very close to them.

JQM: How do you see the French Electronic Music Scene at the moment? Is it still electro dominated field or is it changing?

AGORIA: To be honest I was never a big fan of the French touch, as the media called it, it was 1.0 and recently the 2.0. I think this is much more marketing, because the French scene is I think really relevant at the moment. It’s not anymore like headbanger and the Electro stuff. We have a lot of newcomers like Danton Eepron, Marc Antona, and Sarah Goldfarb. With my label Infine we sign a lot of people, not only from France, but we have interesting newcomers like Spitzer, Arandel or Rone. I really believe in all those new names. What I like in the techno scene in France is that we really have a lot of different kinds of sounds. I was thinking about the Ed Banger, Justice or Sebastian scene. But also the techno scene is much more influenced by the Detroit scene or the Berlin or the German sound of Berghain or Panorama bar and I found that quite interesting to have all this different music in the country. I think we have a lot of artists in France, too, because the club scene is not so big, so we have a lot of time to make music, because we don’t have as many clubs as in Belgium, England or Germany. We have like two good clubs in Paris, one in Lyon and maybe one in the south of France and that’s almost it. So because of that, all the artist get time to makes music, I guess.

JQM: I can understand the whole not having a lot of techno clubs down here as well, trust me Washington, DC has only one legit place where techno sounds like it should.

AGORIA: I have discovered this fantastic artist from around Washington, DC area. Her name is Kid A and I love her. She has an amazing voice and is a fantastic singer. I am going to work with her soon, so I’m really happy. On my new CD Balance I put one track with Kid A and I’m a big fan of her voice.

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