Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Movement 2010 Festival iPhone App Video Tour


Paxahau Promotions Group today released the schedule for the Movement Electronic Music Festival Powered by Ford Fiesta that includes performance times and stages. They also introduced for the first time the Official 2010 Movement Festival App that is now available for free on iTunes.

The “Movement – Ernst Benz Great Circle – Schedule” is exclusively available at the Ernst Benz Facebook page, which is

“Precision Instruments for Timekeeping is the Ernst Benz motto, and we are proud to have been chosen to design the Movement schedule,” said Leonid Khankin, Managing & Creative Director for Ernst Benz. “Given our namesake founders history in manufacturing turntable needles and our own passion for music, we are inspired by and honored to work with Jason Huvaere and the Movement team on this year’s timetable for the event.”

Swiss engineer and innovator Ernst Benz first became well known for developing delicate instrumentation and manufacturing timepiece and industrial jewels. Ernst Benz continues today to develop and manufacture timepieces in the time-honored tradition of aviation watches and the fine art of watch making.

“Timing is crucial to producing a great festival,” said the festival’s Executive Director Jason Huvaere, “which is the reason having Ernst Benz as the sponsor of this year’s schedule was a perfect fit.”

2010 Movement Festival App
The new 2010 Movement Electronic Music Festival App available for free on iTunes. Visit to download it.

“It’s a great resource that allows you to keep up with the latest news and information about this year’s festival as it happens,” said Huvaere. “Download it today and as new developments with the festival occur you can have the most recent information at your fingertips.”

Video Tour

Movement iPhone app video tour 2010 from Paxahau on Vimeo.

The entire lineup being available on the iPhone or iPod.

- This feature is great it allows you different ways of sorting. You can view all at once, by day and by stage. You can also sort any combination alphabetically which makes finding an artist extremely easy.

Artist biography pages link to their website and pages such as iTunes, Beatport, YouTube.

- Successfully keeping track of the artists you want to see by adding them to your schedule with the plus button function next to their name.

- This is my favorite feature it let's you filter out all the acts you specially want to see, condensing and customizing your schedule.

A friend finder feature that lets you show your friends where you are in the crowd.

- I can't count how many times I've been lost from my friends at festival, the music is usually to loud to hear anything. This feature solves that entire issue. You can use it to send a text an let them know your exact location.

Being able to tune into Paxahau Radio.

- On the top left if every screen there is a musical note icon that lets you tune in. I like this feature it's a fun extra.

A map of the festival that you can pinch and scroll around.

Instant directions to after parties. The app uses your current location and automatically gives you directions.

- I understand the fact that only official events are included to this feature because they are direct competitors, but it makes the feature virtually useless if your not going to any these official events. It would have been just as easy to add all events, and would have made this feature amazing. It would have also demonstrated good will towards the other promoters.

If your not from Detroit and you are going to an official even this feature will be your best friend.

A flashlight at the top right of the app, tap this for a bright white screen.


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