Thursday, May 27, 2010

Centre Street Social Update

An email from the promoters today delivered some mixed news: Marcel Dettmann will no longer be playing, due to visa complications (I never understand why this stuff doesn't get worked out earlier), but in his stead, Onur Özer will be playing. So, not a total loss!

Here is the email, which includes set times:

We want to personally welcome you to Detroit. We know there is a lot going on, so we'd like to give you some quick updates to make your entrance and experience to our party a truly memorable one.

First, we've made some lineup changes. Marcel Dettmann is unable to travel to the US due to visa restrictions. We know, we're sad about that too. Ostgut (his label) also sends their apologies, and really, there was nothing much we could do about it.

However, there's always an upside... we get to bring another artist! We know the internets have been referring to this event as the 'berlin bomb' or 'berlin in a box.' That's exactly what we're going for. Those of you who have been to Berlin know there is a lot more than just Berghain, though. Often times in Berlin, you start somewhere amazing, then top it off with a 'how is this even possible?' time at Berghain. We thought the best way to leave you all with that slow-head-shake, eyes wide, 'did that just really happen?' feeling by the time the party ends is to bring a taste of Watergate -- another remarkable place with a relentless sound. So, we knew what to do -- bring the man who defined a time, a place, and a sound in Berlin --

We're pleased to announce the addition of Watergate's own Onur Özer!

The guy mixed Watergate 01. Need we say more? He's one of the driving forces behind Vakant's sound as well -- his mixes with Mathias Kaden are legendary. We were all sad that we were going to miss him at the festival, but now we're not -- he's playing a proper peak time set for us.

Now, you've got the best of both of TWO of our favorite spots in Berlin -- Watergate and Berghain. Did we mention Levon Vincent? Daniel Bell?

If you have a presale, you can either check in at the ticket table or proceed immediately to entry. Having a paper ticket will ensure rapid entry, but we got you covered if you don't have yours. Some things to note:

0. Bring ID! You will not be admitted without ID!
1. WE WILL HAVE AVAILABLE TICKETS AT THE DOOR, FIRST COME FIRST SERVED! There's no way we can guarantee entry without a presale though, so hop on someone's' smartphone during the festival and buy one if you need it. Then, just check in and come to the 'presale purchased' line for verification. Bring ID!
2. If your friends have other plans but want to catch the sunrise with us -- we're doing $15 for admission at 5am. You can still catch some of Levon Vincent, Ben Klock and all of Daniel Bell. This is still going to be limited, so again -- if you want in, get a ticket beforehand.
3. The bar is open until 2am, then again at 6am. Enjoy.

Finally, we know how you like to plan. So do we. There's a lot to do this weekend. The lineup is below.

Top Floor
11p - 12:30a - Ponyblood
12:30a - 2:30a - Onur Özer
2:30a - 6:30a - Ben Klock
6:30a - close - DVS1

Ground Floor
11p - 1a - Charley Ten
1a - 2:30a - Aaron Bliss v. John Chamberlin
2:30a - 4a - Alland Byallo
4a - 5:30a - Craig Kuna
5:30a - 7a - Jesse Jakob
7a - close - Sammy D

11p - 12:30a - Aaron Clark
12:30a - 2a - Nikola Baytala
2a - 4a - Reference (Brian Kage & Luke Hess)
4a - 6a - Levon Vincent
6a - 9a - Daniel Bell

See you Saturday.

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  1. The Visa issue was started back in early February... when we asked him to come to Detroit. US GOVT FTL...