Sunday, May 16, 2010

DEMF 2010: Face Melting

Seriously a great promo video.

Gary Spring Hunting Club, Random Reason, & Mineral Musica give you a real Shit Show.
Bringing you talents that we consider to be the true worlocks of electronic music right now.

2 rooms. 19+ hours.

Sety (Circus Company-Paris)
Soul Clap (Wolf+Lamb-Boston)
Le Loup (Wolf+Lamb-Paris)
Eddie C (Jiscomusic, Karat, 7 Inches of Love-Vancouver)
Derek Plaslaiko (Spectral/Bunker-NYC)
Todd Osborn (Spectral/Rephlex-Detroit)
Sergio Santos vs Tanner Ross (Mothership/Airdrop-Boston)
Kyle Hall (FXHE/Wild Oats-Detroit)
Crazy Larry (Airdrop-NYC)
K atou (Lick My Deck-Greece)
Clint Stewart (Auralism-SF)
Big Bully (Mineral/Get Physical-NYC)
Snack N C'mish (Turntable Lab/APT-NYC)
John Arnold live (Ubiquity-Detroit)
Fat Camp DJ's (Atomly, Matt Negative, & JD-NYC)
Guys On Drugs (Secrets + E Spleece-Detroit)
Darkcube live (DTM-Detroit)
Mr Joshooa (Random Reason-Detroit)
Jeremy Kypta (Random Reason-Detroit)
Rev. Robert David Jones (GSHC-Detroit)
Adam Stolz (Black Nation/Prosthetic-Chicago)
EH3 (Black Nation-Chicago)

Starts Sunday May 30th at 3am and goes until Sunday May 30th at 10pm
tix presale at
2554 Grand River Detroit

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