Saturday, May 29, 2010

Checked in

Flight from Seattle to Minneapolis was delayed a few hours, so missed the connecting flight to Detroit by a bit and had to stay overnight at a Day's Inn.

Continued on and made it to Detroit last night at 11, checked in to our hotel and wandered around for a bit, got some Italian food, people watched until around 5 this morning.

12 noon hit and we went to check in to the main festival grounds and hear the first ambient wafts from little Hawtin and the sound checks from a few of the other stages. It's hot and sunny. There are some killer bees and what looks like VHS tape strung between trees. Little buddha statues and bright painted cars are the techno lawn gnomes of the day.

Ida Engberg is the first artist who is going to kick the socks off the techno folks out there, so 5 o' clock is today's witching hour.

Bring sunscreen, and be ready!

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