Friday, June 5, 2009

Movement 2009: Dust + Scratches | Post-DEMF Edition:
Kate Simko

Next up in our DEMF exit polls, we have the fabulous Kate Simko. Kate rocked it this year with her live set on the Red Bull stage at Movement. If you missed it, you probably missed one of the best sets at the entire festival!

What do you like most about Detroit and playing there?

I really like Detroit's keep-it-real, no nonsense vibe. The city has such an important place in the history of music in the States in the 20th century.
It's an honor to play in the city and always a treat when local music heads show up at a show.

What artists at this years festival were you excited to see perform? If you got to see them, how were they?

I wanted to see Minx and Rick Wade but missed them both due to other after party gigs.
Ryan Elliott's set on Friday night at the festival was the highlight of the weekend for me, hands down.
His set had so much emotion and he kept a level of intensity the entire time- really an amazing set.

What one item is a must-have for you at a music festival or big event like DEMF?

Hand sanitizer!

What is your favorite music right now that is not techno or house?

Jazz trios.

How much sleep do you think you got over the DEMF weekend?

About 15 hours- a lot, I was super sick!

What kind of shoes did you wear to Detroit?

Black lace-up boots from Argentina.

What's the longest set you've played without a bathroom break?

About six or seven hours, in Bogota, Colombia.

What did you get into trouble for as a child?

I used to tease my brother a lot and get into trouble for that. As soon as he was stronger than me I asked for a truce and, luckily, he went with it.

Did your parents know where you were (in Detroit)?

Ha, yes. They remembered how excited I was to play the festival the first time in 2007 and were happy I was invited again.

Finally, what time was your flight?

We drove from Chicago, road trip took off Monday evening.


Kate has just done a mix for the latest Ghostly Cast, check it out here.

For more on Kate:

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