Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Movement 2009: Dust + Scratches | Post-DEMF Edition:
Kyle Geiger

Today we have longtime DEMF "survivor" and Drumcode wunderkind Kyle Geiger. He's been making headlines around the world since Adam Beyer named him the best "breakthrough DJ of 2008," and we wouldn't be terribly surprised if he showed up on Movement's lineup sooner or later.

What do you like most about Detroit and playing there?

...it's got a great personality?

What artists at this years festival were you excited to see perform? If you got to see them, how were they?

Carl Craig, Wighnomy Bros., Carl Cox, Guy Gerber. They all had ways of inspiring me! All of them inspired me to challenge myself musically...but there were some other acts that reminded me that I should always take time to practice DJing, even if I've been doing it for a long time, because apparently you can forget how! I will not mention any names, because I know how big of an emo pansy I am when someone says I suck on a message board, so it wouldn't be fair to dish it out to others. Guy Gerber’s music was brilliant and heady. Carl Cox was rockin' less the occasional cheezy track. Carl Craig is just a genius and I am thrilled that he'll be running things artistically next year. The Wighnomy Brothers....wow! I hope I'm able to continue having as much fun as they obviously do when they're playing! And their track selection was stellar.

What one item is a must-have for you at a music festival or big event like DEMF?

Earplugs. People who don't wear them are making very unwise decisions. Rumor has it that your hearing has to last the rest of your life.

What is your favorite music right now that is not techno or house?

Hip-hop is always a strong influence [on me], from Tupac to Biggie; from Saul Williams to Aesop Rock. Heck, I even like some Dizzee Rascal. I also like some good old rock music too.

How much sleep do you think you got over the DEMF weekend?

Actually plenty! I have gotten to a point where I refuse to push myself so much to where I'm grumpy and burnt out on the music I've loved for so long.

What kind of shoes did you wear to Detroit?

These diesels that I bought on clearance that are very comfy and easy to wipe dirt and rave scum off of!

What's the longest set you've played without a bathroom break?

I would say probably 3-3.5 hours. Which is odd, considering that I can't recall the last time I've sat through a movie in the theater without having to use the restroom midway through. It must be a psychological thing, which is quite frustrating, as I just had to piss while watching Terminator 4 and missed out on some crazy robotic warfare!

What did you get into trouble for as a child?

I got into trouble but it was always the "dennis the menace" sort of trouble, not the call your parents from jail sort of trouble. I've never done any drugs in my life, nor do I plan to. We used to just do really stupid stuff involving bottle rockets, catching animals out of the ditch and putting them in my fish tank which was way too small for some of the animals we introduced into that environment :). One time me and my friends called a random number and sang "Nine Inch Nails - Closer " on the persons voicemail. My genius friend dialed the number without hitting *67. If you know the lyrics to the song, you could understand why a poor old lady would be a little scared by teenagers yelling that songs chorus into her answering machine. It goes without saying that my parents took all my Nine Inch Nails CD's away from me for a very long time after the lady called back and informed my friends father of the message she received from his number. Okay, so maybe Dennis the Menace wouldn't have done that last one...at least not on the cartoon version.

Did your parents know where you were (in Detroit)?

I always keep my mom informed. It's always good to inform at least one person where to go looking for you if they don't hear from you after a while :).

Finally, if you can remember, what time was your flight?

I only live about 3 hours from Detroit, so driving is where it's at for me!


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