Thursday, June 4, 2009

Movement 2009: Dust + Scratches | Post-DEMF Edition:
Jan Krueger

I'd like to introduce a new feature here at WTIYF called "Dust + Scratches." It will feature short and lighthearted interviews with some key artists involved with the events we cover. We are honored to have as our first guest, the man who single-handedly blew my mind at DEMF 2008: Jan Krueger of Hello?Repeat records.


What do you like most about Detroit and playing there?

The most impressive thing was the dinner at the ROAST. Jeff the Chef - You're the best!!! Thanks so much again.

What artists at this years festival were you excited to see perform? If you got to see them, how were they?

To be honest - I had no idea who [was going to] perform this year, but Osunlade was one of the highlights for me!

What one item is a must-have for you at a music festival or big event like DEMF?

A corn-dog! Ufff, and I just had a look into the mirror. I still have a corn-dog face.

What is your favorite music right now that is not techno or house?

I'm totally in love with Indie Rock... Film School, Interpol, Slowdive... Thanks to the Brunicorn!

How much sleep do you think you got over the DEMF weekend?

Not enough at all!!! I"m still part of the couch.

What kind of shoes did you wear to Detroit?

Sandals with white sport socks.

What's the longest set you've played without a bathroom break?

I think four hours. But just because I pee in my pants.

What did you get into trouble for as a child?

I was always in trouble and everything got me into it.

Did your parents know where you were (in Detroit)?

Yes. They held my hand. Because I'm still trouble.

Finally, what time was your flight?

I'm still here. My friend Derek forgot to pick me up.


Check out a very recent set from Mr. Krueger here.

For more on Jan and his corn-dogs:

Thanks Jan, come back soon!


  1. cute, jan! that man was EVERYWHERE in detroit. aeriously, everywhere I turned there he was. i can't get enough of him ;)

  2. That mix from Jan is great!!! Everyone should check it!! Its almost 3 hrs long and was recorded at my friends party on an indoor/outdoor warehouse rooftop venue in my city!!!! Portland OR baby!!

  3. Janjanjanjan!!! Detroit misses you already......
    We can't wait to see and hear you again - troublemaker :)