Thursday, June 11, 2009

Movement 2009: Dust + Scratches | Post-DEMF Edition: Vidal Vargas of Acid Circus

Our post-DEMF saga continues, this time with Vidal Vargas. Vidal is one half of the very talented techno brother-duo of Acid Circus. Based out of LA, they co-founded DROID Behavior, a record label and event production group that is also home to Drumcell, who rocked the main stage at this year's festival. I've run into the brothers Vargas every year in Detroit thus far, so I figured it was about time.

What do you like most about Detroit and playing there?

Yes, Detroit can be hater central... [but] the good thing about playing during festival weekend is music heads from all over N America converge in one place for the same reasons. So as an artist not only are you playing to the Detroit crowd but you are also exposing yourself to a broader fan base.

What artists at this years festival were you excited to see perform? If you got to see them, how were they?

To do: Jay Denham, Octave One, Anthony Rother, Flying Lotus, Drumcell, Beyer, Carola, Ellen Allien, Osunlade, Glitch Mob, Tiga, etc.

Who actually impressed? Drumcell, Rother, Osunlade, Dennis Ferrer, Tiga, Beyer... bout it.

What one item is a must-have for you at a music festival or big event like DEMF?

Corn dogs.
What is your favorite music right now that is not techno or house?

Jiggy rap, hip hop, r n b.

How much sleep do you think you got over the DEMF weekend?

I think I only pulled an all nighter from Sunday to Monday. Monday night I crashed by 1am after a Niki's Pizza grease overdose. The other nights, 5 hours or so.

What kind of shoes did you wear to Detroit?

Black and white Saucony's!

What's the longest set you've played without a bathroom break?

4 hours in Dominican Republic.

What did you get into trouble for as a child? What was your favorite childhood toy?

Sneaking out to clubs / warehouses / raves at 15-17 clearly pissed [my parents] off.
Fave toys? Star Wars, Ninja Turtles, Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo.

I still have Super NES and Genesis btw.

Did your parents know where you were (in Detroit)?

Yeah they are pretty involved and up to date on our music career and endeavors. They support us.
Finally, what time was your flight?

Hmmmm got into Detroit 10pm Friday... left Tuesday 2pm.

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