Tuesday, February 10, 2009

WMC 2009 Travel Tips

  • Carry cash for cab, but dont carry all your cash at the same time you be tempted to spend it all if your anything like me.
  • Buy presale tickets, you can save big time. Clubs here are abusive at the door, some tickets can be up to double the price.
  • If your planing on renting a car DON'T. If your staying in the South Beach area transportation is easy. In South Beach all the hotels and clubs are with in walking distance. Moving From downtown to the beach if fairly inexpensive, also. Especially if your sharing a cab its only a couple of bucks per person. Parking on south beach is a headache.
  • If your traveling by yourself and you need a ride from the airport to South Beach DO NOT take a cab, take the Super Shuttle its half the price for the same service. Also if your staying at a higher end hotel check with the hotel to see if they offer free shuttle service to and from the airport. If your traveling in a group of 5 or more people ask for limo prices they might actually be better deal per person than a cab or a shuttle.
  • This has happened to a bunch of people I know. YOU LOSE YOUR ID/WALLET! What do you do, don't freak out. If you don't have a spare ID and you lose your wallet file a police report & cancel all cards. There's a police station on Washington and 11th. The police basically give you a piece of paper saying you've lost your wallet and your over 21. You may have an issue getting into places it mostly depends on the bouncers mood. They may feel sorry for you and let you in, or your second best bet is try and bribe your way in. I try to always carry two picture IDs with me when I travel. I keep one in the the carry-on which travels with me, and one I keep on me. If I lose the my wallet, I still have one ID to prove I'm over age.
More tips coming your way!

Also, check my party listings on the main page I've done some updates. Anything I hear I'll keep you guys posted.


  1. Get tickets in advance... If you can't make up your mind get tickets to more then one event... it's worth it and you can most likely sell them later.

    Show up early... At Space this would be around midnight. Gets super crazy later.

    Make sure you are in the right line with pre-sale tickets. Tell security. Usually they have a special line, or no line at all and let you in. Happened to us many times last year.

    Stay positive... it will get you far with security. A smile will get you far.

    My 2... :)

  2. From the airport...
    You can save a few extra dollars (between $2-$5)on your trip with the SuperShuttle if you book online. They will also credit your Frequent Flier program some (UsAir) at double mileage.
    Discount Code: PMGEZ