Thursday, February 12, 2009

Future of Music with Bodzin?

Stephan Bodzin will be demonstrating the JazzMutant Lemur touchpad at the Beatport Pool Party at the Remix Hotel, Sunday at 1pm. The Lemur is a multi touch controller for live performances. The user interface is customizable and offers a sleek design for a sythesizer, sequencer, and light controller all in one.

Just one of the many visual and touch screen virtual instruments, that have popped up in recent years. It seems like a close cousin to the Tenorion and Reactables. Wether or not this growing trend will catch on is anyone's guess. One thing is for sure, they do look like something from out of the Jetsons'.


  1. Daft Punk, Modeselektor and Gui Borrato use the Lemur also...

  2. but bodzin uses gloves like micheal jackson its really funny

  3. Have you found anything about my girl? The Allien one...

  4. this one is just for gustav!

    and here

    posted it awhile back

  5. that came from one of the peeps organizing the NYC party before WMC

  6. Allien invasion in Miami, march 28, HEATHROW LOUNGE, Bpitch Control Showcase, Sascha Funke + Thomas Muller + The Allien one...

    Miracles do happen : )