Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Win ULTRA tickets

The organisers behind Ultra Festival are offering complimentary tickets to the Friday installment of their event in Miami during WMC, if you complete a couple of minor marketing tasks for them on Myspace or Facebook.

To be in with a chance of winning two tickets, all you need to do is this…

Tasks for Facebook

1. Add Ultra as a friend. You can find our profile by searching for the email address

2. Leave a comment on our wall

3. Confirm attendance at Ultra’s event page

4. Join Ultra’s group “Ultra Music Festival - Official Group”

5. Post Ultra’s Press Release as a “note”
- The press release is located in the blog section of Ultra’s MySpace

6. Include a link to in the website section of the contacts are of your profile

7. Include a link to in the website section of your profile.

8. Set your main profile picture to Ultra’s logo

9. Pick 5 artists performing at Ultra 11. Find at least one video of each of the 5 artists you chose and comment on each video including a link to, AND

10. Find an event picture from UMF and tag 10 of your friends including Ultra

Contest Entry for FaceBook

- Enter by sending an email to
- The subject of the email must read “Facebook Contest Entry”
- In this email include the following…

1. A link to your FaceBook page.
2. Links to the comments you left on YouTube.
3. Your Username for YouTube
4. Age, location, and phone number

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  1. The Myspace contest has already ended I believe...they posted 2 winners via bulletin this week.
    I don't know on the Facebook one?

  2. I believe the contest for Myspace has already ended, they posted the winners via a bulletin this week.

  3. hmmm
    seems like much of a mission either way