Friday, January 30, 2009

Word on the Street: Myspace the source of all info

It's amazing how much you can find you about someone when you go snooping on their myspace. The following dates and lineup are gathered from various artists' myspace pages:

Mr. Dark Drums Lawler, has some news on his myspace. Here's where it gets interesting he has listed Viva music Vs Cadenza. Of course our dear friend Luciano (founder of Cadenza) has to be there? I mean what kind of Viva Vs Cadenza battle it would be with out him. Hmmm, but who else could be on the line up? Let's take a look at the Cadenza the impressive roster which includes: Guido Schneider, Loco Dice, Thomas Melchior, Pier Bucci, Rhadoo and Ricardo Villalobos. I'm not going to make any assumptions it’s too early for that. But and epic battle is forming here.

Steve Lawler

Brace yourselves for this one, another WTF moment, DJ Hell at a strip club. With a name like that nothing suprises me, expect the fact that he's a really awesome dj don't the name put you off.

Dj Hell

Venezuelan up and comer Delete, who was picked up by Builtbookings and recently launched a new label Robotmusik has a couple of dates for WMC. Keep your eye on him he has a bright future.

Curiosity killed the cat, I just had to see what frenchie was up too for WMC. Very busy guy.

Davide Squillace
Where are you Mobilee? Will you be working with Listed productions again this year? Tikki and mobilee that sounds good only time will tell. Only info I've found on Mobilee artists.


Miss Jools


Pierr Bucci


  • Mar 27 2009 1:00A 01:00 at WMC - Mothership roof party @ Double Tree hotel
  • Mar 28 2009 8:00P Get Physical Label Night @ Photopia Miami,


  1. Great work on this blog! I love it.

    Viva vs. Cadenza on the Space Terrace has got me excited! And mention of the BBC1 Pool Party too!

    Keep up the great sleuth work!

  2. Great work. Loving your blog!

    Viva vs. Cadenza on the Space terrace has me excited. Also, the first mention of the BBC Radio 1 Pool party!

    Keep up the sleuth work!

  3. VINCE!!!! i'm super ecited about this conference too!! i cant wait to meet up with you and Bella! i gave you guys a shout out in a previous post :)

  4. After last year I swore to myself that I'd never set foot in Space again... but Cadenza on the terrace just might make me eat my words. As for the BBC pool party... unless you enjoy watching Pete Tong pretend to mix crappy house records i wouldn't get your hopes up ;-)

  5. I dont think i'm going to the BBC pool party .... and no lol its all gone for pete tong! hahah

    the only way i'll go to cadenza @ space is if villalobos plays because i have a feeling luciano is gonna be popping up all over the place

  6. Vialo (Villalobos) Lucien aka Luciano calls him will be @ Fabric London on March 28th, given the fact Richardo strong dislike for the American scene its a safe bet he won't be anywhere around WMC.

    It's a shame...this is one dj i'm dying to se live