Saturday, January 31, 2009

Possible Beatport WMC pool party line-up?

"Today Beatportal sat in on a Beatport marketing meeting about the upcoming Winter Music Conference in Miami where the line-up for the Beatport WMC pool party was being discussed.

We were strictly forbidden from printing the line-up as it’s not 100% confirmed yet. So we haven’t.

All we’ve done, is take a photo of a piece of paper that was thrown into the trash that contains some of the names that are playing at the pool party. We still haven’t printed anything.

We can confirm the Beatport pool party is due to take place at Remix Hotel (The National) from 26th - 29th March. But we still haven’t said nothing about the line-uP."

Written by: Zack Rico of beatportal


  1. that sounds like heaven ...

  2. still haven t printed!

    You guys are awesome!