Saturday, January 10, 2009

Word on the Street: Luciano up for grabs

Luciano's triumphant return to WMC is highly anticipated by all. Last time he graced miami with his prescence was at PS101:Sunday Schrool for Degenerates, during WMC 2006. So far he been confirmed to play at Ultra. The real question is, what other parties is he playing at? Will he make a retun to SSFD and will some other production company snatch him? Jon Cowan owner of Shine has expressed some interest in booking Luciano, saying in the coolljunkie forums:

"just a matter of ironing out some details but its on....".

I'll keep you guys posted...


  1. fucking A man i hope they get him for SSFD

  2. i think he would be a great addition to the line up... i hope so too :)

    thanks for the comment i'll be updating daily

  3. ah, beautiful photo, two of my favorite things in one shot.... watergate and luciano :-P

  4. Hi Paolo!!!! i've only seen luciano once so it would see him again during wmc let wait and see although the posibilities are looking more slim as time passes by .... have you been to watergate ? i love the way that place looks i'm dying to go!!! i wish the US had more places like that ... the only place similar to that is Beta in Denver

  5. indeed i have been to watergate!

    Great spot, very nicely done and a relatively clean cut & well behaved crowd. Sound system is above average but nothing incredible. The LCD ceiling is pretty cool, but honestly cooler in photos and videos than in real life. However, the view from the dock outside is every bit as spectacular as on their website and obviously the lineups are amazing, even on an off weekend.

    Last time I was there was back in August... two nights in a row, first night was Dominik Eulberg who was outstanding, next night was Audiofly and M.A.N.D.Y. Both nights I left Watergate around 6 and went for the event at Berghain / Panorama Bar which (imo) smokes Watergate in every aspect. If theres one party to attend in Berlin it's Saturday night/Sunday morning/Sunday afternoon/Sunday evening .... at Panorama Bar. Especially when Cassy is playing :-)

  6. poalo,
    Sounds amazing!!! you make me want to go even more now. You confirm everything i've been hearing, cassy is lengendary at Panorama.

    did you have a change to go to robert johnson ( wigs me out the fact that its a club not a person) or bar 25?

  7. yes on bar 25, club der visionaire is also a very good one. open air and only during the summer, like 25. Bar 25 is absolutely mental, but almost too much. never heard of this robert johnson guy, but ill have to check it out next time im in berlin.

    as for miami, sounds like we'll be attending quite a few of the same events. let me know if you want to meet up, ill have a small european contingent with me, plus all my american trouble makers so should be good fun.


  8. hey paolo1! i'm 100% sure we will atleast be at one party together if not 100 more ... we defenitely must keep in touch