Friday, January 13, 2012

Burning Man Ideas for Hair, Makeup, Clothing and more

Girls guide to staying pretty on the playa. The key is try to keep things as low maintenance as possible, while still looking nice. Below are some ideas and suggestions on girls stuff for Burning Man.

  • Rule of thumb stick to what’s easiest for you at home.
  • Wigs are great for the night. Not only do they protect your real hair from getting sandy, but they also keep your head warm from cold playa nights. During the day it can be very hot. For some it might be too hot for wigs, so as long as you’re comfortable you can wear a wig.
  • Braids are a great option for playa. They are
  • Playa is not the time to be crimping and curling. You do not want to spend a lot of time on your hair while at burning man.
  • Fun hair accessories, big flowers, clip on feathers and colored hair extensions
  • After 3 days your hair will be crispy from all the sand.
  • You will need heavy conditioner and various shampoos once you get back from Burning Man.
  • When you finally was your hair Do a light vinegar rinse, this will help get rig of playa sand and protect it the alkaline.
  • Bright colored lipstick is great looks better in pictures too
  • Sparkly eye make up
  • Bright eye shadows
  • Big fake eyelashes, i find them annoying to wear but alot of girls had them on and they look great.
  • Check out Xotic Eyes and Violent Lips makeup one time applique solutions. Paste and go.
  • Warpaint and Tribal style
  • Over the top
  • Try All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray by Urban Decay. It should help your make up last a little bit longer.
  • If you can afford to spend $30 on a manicure suggest getting Shellac or similar gel nail manicure. This type of manicure lasts up to two weeks with no chips. I tested it last year and it worked great.
  • Your nails are going to chip regardless of what you do, so iether bring some remover or adopt an "I don't care attitude"
  • Crackle polish
  • Glitter polish
  • Fun designs
Palyawear, Burning Man Fashions
  • Stay away from garments the will spread MOOP.
  • Anything goes, in term of playa wear you can really get a way with anything so be fun and creative.
  • Small backpacks or fanny pack, cross body bags, its good to have different size bags depending how long you will be out of you home base.
  • Hats to protect you from the sun, big floppy ones, or cowboy style
  • Faux colored fur it’s a Playa must have.
  • Parasols make great accessories and they help protect you from the sun
  • My criteria for shop
  • Head dresses
  • Masks
  • Its not halloween so I don't suggest full costumes, but if you peace together pieces of different costumes that works!
  • Bikini tops
  • Mesh
  • Colorful fun printed leggings and stockings, great for night time
  • Tank tops, tube tops, no tops
  • Shorts
  • Sequins
  • Someday you might not feel like fully dressing up or making your outfit a production, bring some regular clothes.
A lady will always carry with her...
  • Portable ashtray if you smoke
  • Small mirror
  • Lip gloss or chap stick, colored chap stick
  • Roll on perfume or travel body spray
  • Travel Size baby wipes useful for everything.
  • Hand cream, hands ten to get dry, and not just any hand cream but the higher the concentration of Shea butter the better.
  • This is apart from your essentials, dust mask, head lamp, lights ect.
  • Feminine wipes
  • Condoms
  • Breath mints, gum, or those tiny disposable tooth brushes
  • Hand held folding fan, keep your self cool.
  • Sun glasses


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  2. Thanks glad you enjoyed it I will be posting more on BM in the upcoming months!