Friday, September 17, 2010

Letter from the Editor?

My Whereabouts…

Hi Kids,

Sorry, it’s been a while I’ve been slacking and out of the country, for some non rave related business. I’m in Colombia and I know what your thinking, NO I have NOT started my own drug Cartel or started a narco trafficking.

While in Colombia I did manage to get some partying in, I found out where Hard Techno lives, and got schooled on “power mixing” all in an Airplane hanger near the Bogotá Airport. I also got a chance to go to Club LOV or Lost On Vibes. The venue is awesome, its on a second floor not too big not to small, with an out door patio with a roof that opens up. Oh and the best part is a dance floor surrounded by an LED panel its really cool. Jan Kruger was supposed to play that night, but the story was the famous “he lost his passport”. Hello? Repeat ? I didn't hear you he lost his what? Yes. Passport. We did get to listen to Daze Maxim. Much love to my friend Hardfloor and his crew, for playing such a good host to me while in his neck of the woods.

And in other news…

By now we all know two things are certain:

1. Electric Zoo Was a hit over 50,000 in attendance, Big WIN for Made Events. A well produced event that went off with out a hitch, deflecting recent scandolous occurrence from other Festivals. Cough -- EDC, Love Parade. I still owe you guys some more posts EZ, when I have time to catch up.

2. The day portion of LoveEvolution has been cancelled. boo! if you make it to San FranDisco, be sure to check out the Listed event with Cassy.

Where to next…

So today I leave Bogotá and I start my 18 hour journey to see my friends in Seattle and checkout Decibel Festival. The trek starts now, I leave for the Airport in less than 2 hours, hop on board a 5 hour flight to MIA, then 6 hour layover in which I need to good to my house, do 2 two loads of laundry, repack, go to the drug store, get my hair did (which takes 2 hours) and get back to the airport in time for my next flight, I think is another flying high for 6 or 7 hours, I'm not even counting anymore.

Superduperfragalisticlyexcited for Decibel its defenitely time for some more fun state side. Especially the AlgaRythms Showcase... I love the my all AlgaRythm Organisms, they're a great NW crew have become more than just friends-- family. So if your at Decibel definitely stop in.

presented by alga rhythms / SOLE REPAIR : 1001 E Pike
TANNER ROSS /dj/ 12:00 am – 1:30 am
TIM GREEN /dj/ 10:30 pm – 12:00 am
THE PERFECT CYN /dj/ 9:30 9pm – 10:30 pm
SAPPHO /dj/ 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Doors open at 8 pm : 21+ : $12 Door / Free with dB pass

Good Bye for now and See you in Seattle!!!

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