Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Best T-Shirt Worn by an Aritst

It's a bit off topic but definitely worth a mention. I think people often overlook the impact an artists outfit can have. Sometimes even making or breaking there image, needless to say that if your music sucks, nothing you can wear can change that and vice versa.

It's been a growing trend during every festival or music conference there is one artist that takes the cake when wardrobe. It's an observational easily missed by most.

Scuba's Bro Step T-shirt, caused a mini sensation at Decibel 2010. Following the likes of Loco Dice's "PEOPLE LIKE US" WMC 2010 shirt and I think it was Derrick May that had an "I don't need Tractor to Pull Chicks" this past DEMF.

It was the "PEOPLE LIKE US" T-shirt that first made me take notice, the amount of people asking around how they could buy one was more than I could count. In fact months later there was still a buzz. What surprised me was how a plain white shirt with black lettering had turned into a marketing master piece.

If your an artist its definitely something to ponder. Congrats to Scuba! people took notice in your acute sense of dubstep fashion.

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