Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rumor Mill: Ricardo Villalobos at DEMF!?

Ok so here's a tidbit, A little birdie told me that Ricardo Villalobos will be playing at DEMF. At the festival itself, not an outside party. He said the contract is signed.

This is completely unsubstantiated 3rd party info, but my rumors have been shown to be proven true in the past. Take it with a grain of salt there have been whispers of him comming to the USA since Obama became president.

We'll just have to wait and see, but the birdie is a somewhat reliable source.


  1. Watch Villalobos test and talk gear in TOTALLY WIRED - A FILM ABOUT SCHNEIDERS BÜRO. Here as video on demand stream:

  2. its not going to happen i heard this rumor a month ago

  3. soooo no ricardo at demf?

  4. lets see only time can tell I just spreading what I heard.

    keep in touch see you at DEMF!

  5. well i can bite my tongue i heard few days ago hes confirmed for 3 parties