Saturday, April 3, 2010

Preview of Plastikman for DEMF

Plastikman returns, less than a week after his debut at Time Warp the footage is all over the internet. I truly hope he can deliver the same experience in the good old USA!

He's also released an iPhone App SYNK, for audience interactivity. It's described as, "The Plastikman SYNK is the official companion app to the 2010 Plastikman Live world-wide tour. The App is a component of the immersive environment that the show hopes to create using various converging technologies".

Richie is big on technology and creating a unique experience, which is always something to look forward to. The app seems like a more practical answer to The CUBE?

Let's take a look, at the video evidence, It's pretty fucking sick!

Rehersal Video

This is probably the best video out there i did some leg work, it's in HD. Drool.

SYNK Screen Shot

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