Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ryan Xristopher’s Tiny Decibel Review

Ryan Xristopher’s Tiny Overview:

It's a task to try to review a whole festival, so I split this essay into tiny segments: tiny philosophies, tiny reviews, tiny soapboxes, tiny histories, etc. Thread them together for a tiny story.

Ryan Xristopher’s Tiny Philosophy dB2009.p.1 :

Music is the substance of birthdays, funerals, weddings, sports events and parties. It is the stuff of lullabies and taunts, the mist in dreams and nightmares. Deadly serious business, you know. That said, let’s keep things casual.

I operate with extreme bias, don’t worry. If I know you, it might make your music better or worse. Then again, it might not. If I like you, it might affect my enjoyment of your music. Or not. I might love something today and hate it tomorrow. I could want to die for something right now, and then fear it might kill me if I see it staring at me from across the street by the time I turn around. I’ll fight for something today, and rally against it tomorrow. You never know.

These things I say, they exist only now, in your head, and they are pointers for you to form your own understanding of the topics at hand. My purpose in this life is to spread the gospel, not to pretend to create it and hope that suckers believe me along the way. Listen for yourself, and always question.

Reset yourself for a breath. Why do you listen to music; and why do you go out? Do you do what makes you feel good. Body music, head music, drug music, sex music. All different functions. Check in, check out. How do you define yourself vs. your senses?

How do you chase moments, and how do you remember them? Virtual, immobile sensory snapshots? Four-dimensional experiences? What part of that moment do you want to be involved in? Do you feel safe or scared? Do you have your “I Love Us” group? Are you the leader? Do you affect things? Are you a follower? Do you agree with your people just because they tell you things? Do you agree with your people because they’d shun you out if you disagreed with them?

Where do you fit in the politics of dancing? Or do you even know?

All of these things make a difference. I’m just sayin’.

“I’m gonna play some different shit”.

Just relax. Reset yourself for a breath, just for a moment.

Read the full story HERE.

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