Sunday, April 5, 2009

WMC 2009 Hits and Misses: PART I

I had a great kick off to WMC, Air london: No Fit State at Indra Lounge, got there at midnight when James Priestley stayed to see Simon Baker at around 4 am and it was well worth the wait. The music was good through out the night even though they had some technical difficulties, it was still one of my favorite parties of WMC. Then it was off to Everything In Between WOLF & Lamb's party, we got there close to 5 am and the party was going off, stayed till my body gave up.

After a few hours of sleep, hanging out with some friends and refueling, It was off to the next stop, or so we thought. So we get to the Sony building for Get Phisical Sunset Party at about for 4pm, and i figure it's a good time since it was scheduled to start at 2 pm. To my surprise the party still hasn't even started people are hanging outside the front door NO MUSIC, so signs of things getting started any time soon. So we waited 1/2 an hour and said FUCK IT let's go to Luciano at the Shelborne pool. Best decision ever we got there just in time to catch the latter half of Martin Butrich's set. Luciano and Loco dice took over the decks shortly after, that's when it got mental. Definitely Luciano’s latin influence was all over that set, the music fit the mood perfectly. We stayed to about 8 pmish, thinking we could try and still make some of Sunset Party it was supposed to go till 2 am. Sorry Bongolina it was a bust! We get to the Sony building and the first two people we see walking out are Philipp Jung and Patrick Bodmer, aka M.A.N.D.Y. , So what happened to the party? "We got shut down" Straight from the horse's mouth as they say. Again we say FUCK IT, let's hit up the next party.

Feel lucy's latins beat for yourself just a sample below. Track ID: Michel Cleis - La Mezcla

keep reading.... this is just day 2 ... the rest is yet to come!

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