Thursday, April 2, 2009

Most Peculiar things I saw this WMC

I love it when people dress up to go to festivals and parties makes things way more interesting and fun. So it's Wednesday night at the Air London party and out of my peripheral vision I see Wonder Woman pass by. YES, Wonder Woman I had to do a double take for I second I thought I had hallucinated, but no she present in full gear including cape.

Wonder Woman is nothing compared to this next guy. I like to call him "Techno Borat", he was partying like an animal at the Luciano & Loco Dice pool party in this getup.

And the guy below is Carlos, AKA Disco Ball Head he's a actually a friend of mine. He was the star of Sunday School. It was a non stop parade of people asking to take a picture with him. IT was hilarious he was in the middle of the dance floor and lights wear bouncing off his head.

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  1. ha, saw the same poolside at the Shelborne on Thursday.. thing is he didnt look drunk and/or flaming, Im thinking he either did it on a dare or lost a bet, I saw a few of his friends close by, he sure seemd to be enjoying himself dancing nonstop..