Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Remembering BPM 2013 - PART I

What I Did

So this is pretty much what I actually made it to… I think i did alot for 7 days that I was there.

8th - Life & Death @ Canibal Royale
9th - After’s at the condo , Jacuzzi, Chill, Sleep
10th - Luciano @ Coco Maya Upstairs
11th - Culprit VS Leftroom @ Mamitas
12th - ADID @ Mamita's
13th - Xel-Ha Water Park
14th - Papaya Playa

: Night :
8th - Hanging out @ Friend's Jacuzzi
9th - Hot Creation @ Coco Maya
10th - Dj Harvey @ Santanera
11th - Dixon @ Coco Maya
12th - Rebel Rave @ Blue Vendao and Super Freq @ Santanera
13th - Shopping on 5ta Ave and Tulum
14th - Touch of Class in Tulum

What I Missed

I missed a bunch of stuff, but at some point you realize that you really can’t
do it all.

I regret not going to the Robot Heart Villa Party, but it’s OK, because Some how after Hot Creations we got suck into after hours in the upstairs patio of Coco Maya, we were mooching off some Mexican guy’s bottle whom we nicknamed “El Capitan”. While Luciano was surprisingly not playing the “Mariachi Latino Techno” as he usually does at WMC. So on the plus side, we got to chill with some cool locals and it was BP-freetime.
"El Capitan" our sponsor that morning on the far left.
I’m also sad I missed the Verboten villa afterparty. I hear it was by far the sickest villa in town. I got to hand it to Verboten – they know how to travel in style for sure.

My Favs

Dixon #1

By far my favorite set of the entire BPM week was Dixon. So there’s Dixon
and everyone else pretending to DJ. He’s in a league of his own and looks
prim and proper doing it with his button up t-shirt dropping Tiga - Plush (Ame remix)
that go like this… “I don’t need a CALCULATOR… to tell me I’m going to see
you later” So we are dancing our asses off and we look to the table on the
left of us and wouldn’t you know it! There’s an old-school solar-powered
calculator. Really?!? Another WTF moment – like: where did that come from?

Innervisions was great from beginning to end. Larry did a great job opening,
playing some of his own productions. The transitions from one artist to the
next were cohesive and musically it all made sense as a whole.

Other highlights
Culprit vs. Leftroom @ Mamitas – Jozif and Droog, and everyone else was on point too actually
Rebel Rave @ Blue Venado
Touch of Class @ Tulum Ruins – Jonny Cruz is a rising star, keep a close eye on this guy
ADID @ Mamitas – Lee Bu always goes out of his way to make any venue look amazing, true  production value
Going to Papaya Playa Project in Tulum
Hot Creations @ Coco Maya –  Anabel singing live was pretty dope, girl is on fire.

What I liked about BPM

Ahhhhh…. beautiful sunrises and sunsets by the beach! Music beach side – that’s the best
that BPM has to offer. I like basking in the sun and going from disco to disco
what’s not to like really.

You can really go at your own pace during BPM. You can chill and do things
outside the festival and believe me – there is a lot to do. Or you can just stick
to party mode.

Playa del Carmen has so much to offer: beaches; food; Mayan Ruins;
adventure water parks (Xplor , Xel-ha, Excaret); and spas. When you
combine all this with a background of good music, you’re bound to have a
good time.

Playa del Carmen is really close to Tulum, and if you make it to BPM visiting Tulum is a must. Decompression zone in Tulum! I'll get more into Tulum later on.

The BPM Dancers  get a big shout out those guys were hilarious, running around with the GAINT LETTERS ON THERE HEADS, popping out at you when you were the most drunk or high or who knows what. Adding to a very festive vibe.



  1. I absolutely love this. Im glad I was there with you partying mufi style the whole time!

  2. I agree, Innervisions fiesta with Dixon was da best party! Well at least the one where I danced the most.