Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gary Springs Hunting Club Speaks Out - DPD FAIL!

Matt Abott of Detroit's famed GSHC speaks out on abusive behavior of the Detroit police towards dance music events. He goes on to say, "So when are you (speaking to the Metro Times Detroit's Facebookpage) going to finally to on the complete harassment of the DPD and the total abuse of power towards all dance parties in this City? I think it's an issue that needs to be discussed considering it takes 5 hours for a police officer top show up if i call them in an emergency, yet 20 cops come to Jumbos, a legal establishment at 2:02 AM on a Friday night and hearten to beat up its patron and find every way to find anything illegal going on, which they did not. It's a waste of tax payers money to say the least, and keeping away people coming to our city to spend money to have a good time, all to go back to the suburbs with a bad taste in their mouth. Its a sad stat. We all know its "easy money" for them to come raid an event of usually 200 - 400 people, with 20+ DPD deep, to issue about 5 or 6 MIP tickets, but this is ridiculous. We have major crime and corruption in this city then to be worrying about arts and things that that are actually trying to make this city a better environment for young people."

Not surprisingly the Metro Times did not answer his post and soon after deleted from their Facebook page. Hundreds show support for GSHC via likes, shares and comments (over 400 and counting).

HEY DPD. GO FUCK YOURSELF. even we we do something completely legal, you still try. we all know that you have nothing better to do in detroit then to try and bust a legal party at a bar that stopped at 2am. i know you fucking dickwads are reading this. F U C K Y O U D P D. so sorry that your bust at a bar didnt work out for you, thanks for wasting the tax dollars that we pay you. you fucking DICKHEADS

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  1. In fairness, the Metro Times Facebook is run by the promotions department, not the editorial department. And MT did get in touch eventually, yes?