Friday, March 25, 2011

Miami Ravecation Log - Friday 3/25/11

Friday, March 25th

1:02 AM - I'm finally one step closer to Miami in car service travelling from Orlando to Miami with two random teenage girls going to Ultra. Today has been an odessy. My original flight into Miami got cancelled after fucken fuel tank fire at MIA airport. seriously just my luck. I would hbe even know this if it wasn't for my friend Melissa, which was on my same flight. THANK YOU! And thank you American Airlines, for NOT ending me an email to let me know, pricks! Panic ensued, not to mention shit was tops turvy at work. Today was not a good day. So I reached out to my friends and I'm so grateful to have Saint Ali in my life. As soon as he heard what was happening to me he offered his skymiles like it was nothing just to get me in to Miami as quickly as possible. I'm forever in debit, that's one of the nicest selfless things anyone ha done for me in a while, and maybe ever. Even though I have the means to get to Miami, the next challenge was finding a flight. Not easy when everyone else who had their flight cancelled is going to Miami too. More bad news, everything is sold out into FLL and West Palm, with in 50 miles of my departure city NYC. And I'm still stuck at work dealing with all sorts of bullshit that went wrong.
After some heavy searches trying all sorts of possible trip combination I found one last hope.
JFK to FLL - NO!
LGA to FLL - NO!
Newark to FLL - NO!
Connecticut to FLL - NO!
BINGO! I found one more bad news, JFK to MCO Orlando - YES! I'll take it.
Next challenge, how to get from Orlando to Miami? The quickest cheapest way possible.

Well if you thought logically you would say, rent a car WRONG! guess what? 175$ dollar fee for a one way trip! This doesn't include tax, actual daily rental fee, and lets not forget insurance for grand total of 278$ Are freaking kidding me. More bad news, great.

Next option well maybe I can fly there? MIA is still shut down because of the fire, and every thing is sold out from MCO to anywhere near Miami.

What do I do?.... What do I do? Use this pea brain of yours... Think... Lightbulb flickers off in my brain. Suddenly It occurs to me that I should talk to the flight attendant, maybe there are more people that got stranded cause of the fire. I share my story with Delta flight crew and they agree to make an announcement. Hey what do I have to lose not a damn thing. As we're about to land one of them makes the announcement, with in two seconds - the teens speak up thy they have a car service waiting for them and the have space for one more! This is the first good news today. And here I'm 154 miles closer to Miami.

I keep having to remind myself why I'm doing this... To have a good time because life is too short, to be with people I love, and yes to forget about the real world!

3:20 AM - getting closer and closer, 41.3 miles till fun times. Looks like I'm going to make the Tikki after all, 5:00 AM boring time. Remember those question on math test, if train A travels at blah blah blah. My version goes if one desperate techno tourist travels 80 miles an hour and has 41.3 miles to go when will the techno tourist arrive to there final designation? The answer is just in time to make it on board that boat. Ha ha.

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