Tuesday, February 15, 2011

BM RV Rental

No one ever said getting to Burning Man was going to be easy, no one has ever said it was going to be cheap. But at the same token no one has ever said that it wasn’t worth it. Nothing in life worth having ever comes easy.

Keep in mind me and my peeps don’t know the first thing about camping. So the RV option seems like the way to go.

Ok, so a lot of people see it as a cop out, your not getting the full “Burning man Experience” if you don’t camp. I think that’s BS, I’ll get all the experience I need with a queen bed and a shower.

I booked an 31 ft Class C - Full Lux RV that fits 7 people. Pickup and drop off in Las Vegas. Which has its plus and its minuses.

On the positive Side
  • Way cheap to rent an RV from Vegas than Reno or SF ... it's costing us half the Reno price
  • Better flight deals to and from Vegas
On the Negative Side
  • Longer drive 9 hours 505 miles each way - even if we did book from somewhere else we were gonna have to drive. 1.5 hours of driving for each person not to bad.
  • A bit more to spend on Gas.

This is what its costing us:

Adventure Tours

31 FT Class C RV Sleeps 7 people -

x $208.00 / Night $1,456.00

4 x Camp Chair(s) x $7.50 / Trip $30.00

4 x Convenience Kit(s) x $70.00 / Trip $280.00 - blankets, towels, pillows, plates, pot, pans for 4 people

2 x 500.00 Miles x $210.00 / Trip $420.00 Included Miles 0 Miles x $0.00 /Trip
Supplemental Liability Insurance $63.00

Discount $-218.40

Mandatory Prep Fee x $200.00 / Trip


Subtotal $2,230.60

Burning man Fee $500.00 BM Refundable Fee

Security Deposit Fee $1000.00 Refundable Fee


GRAND TOTAL $3,730.00 with kits
GRAND TOTAL $3,450.00 NO kits


Generator Fee $3/hr - applicable if we use the generator and we pay this after we get back by the hours we use

WE HAVE TO DUMP THE SEWAGE OUR SELVES – we can figure this out later

WE CAN LOWER THE COST BY NOT GETTING THE KITS $280 ... chairs are a good deal we should get them


Total Before Refunds - $532 EACH PERSON UPFRONT

Total Refund Amount - $215 REFUNDABLE (amount we get back of the $532)

Total Per person after Refunds - $317 AFTER REFUND IF VEHICLE IS RETURN INTACT


Total Before Refunds - $492 EACH PERSON UPFRONT

Total Refund Amount - $215 REFUNDABLE (amount we get back of the $492)

Total Per person after Refunds - $277 AFTER REFUND IF VEHICLE IS RETURN INTACT

Payment Due July 18, 2011

+++ FUEL COST & FOOD $50.00 - $100.00 extra per person should more than cover us

The question is are the kits really worth it or should we just pool the 280$ or more dollars and but it our selves??? can we bring this stuff from home? dollar store some of it?

Automatic Transmission
7 Adults, 0 Kids
  • 29 - 31 feet
  • Sleeps 7
  • Towing available upon request
  • Mileage packages available
  • Model year - 2008-2011
  • Model Code: 03-C31S


  1. Hey Love Your Blog,

    This year will be by 6th Burn. I've been coming out there from NYC each time, and have camped in a tent, as well as RV'ed it.

    Here's some advice.

    Skip the kits. Go to Walmart. It's the least expensive way to go. You will surely have lots of luggage as is, no need to pay XXX-tra $ on oversized bags for things you can buy near the Burn.

    You can and should have your RV serviced on Playa. They will empty your black water. It costs ~$70. i recommend not using the bathroom in the RV and using the portopotties as with 4-7 people in your RV, your black water will fill VERY fast.

    Add an addtional 60 miles into your calculations, and you should prepay your generator usage as it is much less expensive that way. Especially if you plan on using your AC. I would estimate 5 hours a day for generator usage.

    You should also budget $200 to have the RV detailed at a truck wash to ensure you get your deposit back.

    I cannot stress enough the importance of reading EVERYTHING on the Burningman website. Lots of useful things there. Especially every section here: http://www.burningman.com/first_timers/

    i hope you all enjoy your burn. And if you come across Camp Aluminaughty say "hi"


    Hunter S. SmileZ