Monday, November 1, 2010

Need a hotel for BPM?

AGURA Travel


Facebook group:


"Agura travel would like to thank all of you who stayed within our condos for last year’s festival and vacations in between.

With the festival so close to New Years the condos will go quickly!!!!

Many will be planning to come to Playa Del Carmen for New Years and plenty of other holiday goers.

We would like to make sure that we are able to facilitate all the attendee’s needs and wants.

Over the next coming months we will bring you news as it comes in about the BPM Festival. You can also check out all new news and info at the BPM website.

If you’re planning ahead of time and want to stay in one of our elite condos please contact us early. You can email me at my public address

Please put Playa Del Carmen in the subject matter.

Thanks for being a member of this group and look forward to seeing you all again on the Beach !!!!

Don't wait another year to see where it's at!!!!!

Check out our sites to see more.

A group of people coming? People coming and going on different days?,

Most people eat in town due to the great restaurants and nightlife Playa has to offer, Privacy, Your own private party....

You do the math it makes sense…..

Please spread this around as so many people had wished they got a condo and cooked there food and kept the party going into the morning and aft

Promo code to save you money off the booking price for the BPM is: AGURA

24hr bookings, Online bookings, All major credit cards excepted, immediate bookings and reservations.

For other Special activities such as

Discover the dolphin's best-kept secrets in a safe and fun-filled environment. You will be surprised by the great intelligence and friendliness of these wonderful marine mammals.
The premium program, the most complete one, includes Foot push, kiss, dorsal tow and free time. Orientation: 30 minutes | Time in water: 30 minutes Should be older than 12 years old.

Kisses, belly ride, hand shake, free time. Orientation 15 minutes | Time in water 30 minutes Should be older than 12 years old.

The first encounter: learn and have fun! You will also have the opportunity to hug and kiss a dolphin, let it kiss you on the cheek, and enjoy watching your new friend while it performs a series of amazing behaviors. This program is ideal for children of all ages. 45 minutes including orientation time.

or If you are going to scuba dive or snorkel in the Riviera Maya in the beautiful Caribbean reefs you must come diving in Playa Del Carmen, Riviera Maya. Its only a 35 minute ferry ride from Cozumel to Playa Del Carmen and we are within 40 minutes from Cancun, Tulum, Puero Aventuras and Akumal. You will not forget this experience in your lifetime !

Diving and Snorkeling in Playa Del Carmen to see all the beautiful ocean reefs and caverns / cenotes Playa del Carmen has to offer. "

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