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Movement 2010: Dust + Scratches: Post-DEMF with Paxhau's Dan Bain

Tell us about your involvement with Paxahau, when and how that came about, and your role within the organization.

I had been organizing events in Detroit for a few years when I got tired of having to tip-toe around Paxahau’s schedule to avoid getting crushed by their shows. So, in 2006 when they were tapped as the promoter for the Movement Festival I decided to volunteer to help. They liked the way I operated and subsequently asked me to drop my current project and start working with them, which I was quick to accept. I went through the usual rigors of being the low man at a production company, which meant I was at every party in Detroit for a couple years promoting Paxahau events. These days I handle all of the shipping / receiving [ I work for a logistics company by day ] and manage the audio archives, in addition to being a resident DJ.

In your opinion, how has the landscape of Movement/DEMF changed since first time you attended the festival till now? What have you observed?

I have attended the festival every year and have been actively involved in its production since 2006. The event has undoubtedly become much more organized over the past couple of years. Before Paxahau produced the event it was shrouded with uncertainty every year. No one was sure if it was going to happen. I give a lot of credit to Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson for keeping the festival alive when no one else would step up to the plate. In the years that I have been involved we have all learned ways to make things run smoother and a little bit less painful for us. Each year Sam and Mike Fotias somehow find a way to increase the sound and production values, which is always amazing.

What artists at this years festival were you excited to see perform? If you got to see them, how were they?

I was really excited about Plastikman and unfortunately I had to go off-site for awhile and missed most of it. Another was Francesco Tristano who unfortunately played a short set due to the weather, but what I caught of both were amazing. I was also really stoked to see dOP in Detroit and they did not disappoint. They bring a level of energy crowd and engagement that is rare.

What the one piece of advice you would give to any one going to Movement/DEMF based on your personal experience? Insert DEMF survival tip HERE! :)

Stock up on stimulants; you know, coffee or whatever. It’s a long weekend with many unforgettable events happening at all hours. Sleep just gets in your way ;)

Are there any tracks where massive bombs this Movement/DEMF? Or anything you heard more than once?

This year I didn’t hear many repeats. Last year, Tiga’s Mind Dimension was getting play from many performers. The lineup was definitely focused on versatility and not hearing the same record twice is a good indicator of that I suppose.

What are you favorite Detroit true local spots? Places to eat or hang out when you’re not DEMFing?

TV Bar is always fun to catch some good tunes on a Thursday. Oslo for sushi seems almost obvious. Anyone who has been to Detroit and likes Electronic Music has probably been there at some point. Outside of the city limits, Threads in Hamtramck is one of the last purveyors of great vinyl and you can bump into some legends there from time to time. Lastly, I am a Thai Food nut and Bangkok 96 in Dearborn is the best I’ve ever had in the area. Mmm, might need to stop by there after work.

Time for some fun!

Outside of electronic music do listen to anything else? What are you currently listening too? Do you have any recommendations? What’s playing in the IPod besides EDM?

I love Detroit music. I love Mo-Town and am really into Jack White’s approach to the blues. My latest purchase is Broken Bells new album. Outside of the music realm I listen to NPR and currently love the iPhone app released by This American Life. I’m slowly working my way through all 400+ episodes.

What did you get into trouble for as a child? What was your favorite childhood toy?

When I was a little guy the Nintendo got some serious hours. I didn’t get into a lot of trouble at a young age. Once I hit 13 I made up for lost time.

Would you rather be invisible or be able to read minds? Why?

Read minds, a long as I could turn it off. Life would be a lot easier that way.

If deserted on an island, what three things would you want and why would you choose them?

My wife and my two cats. Does that count? ;)
Sure does!

Finally is there anything else you would like add? Or anything you would want to share with us? (Do you have any upcoming releases or projects we can look forward too?)

I was recently asked by Hej Records to do a DJ mix of their catalog which was a really fun project. Michelle and Matt are great producers and it was a lot of fun to piece together their works. It is available now on Beatport.

Also anyone who enjoyed my set at the festival can download or stream it from my sound cloud page…

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