Tuesday, January 12, 2010

That was freaking fast....

Sunday School tickets first batch already SOLD OUT! Tickets are now 45$ plus processing fees. This is really impressive to me a couple of years back event producers had trouble even doing presales, now tickets are selling out before they even announce who's playing.

***UPDATE: Seems like prices are growing exponentially, now one day after official anouncements prices $55. WTF! How much higher can it go? MADE EVENTS, please let us know.

The days of the $25 buck partys are long gone. This is why labels/promoters come to WMC - to make money.

Sunday School for Degenerates tickets


  1. Def fast... They got to make money somehow though. And +$50 for a 24hr party isn't that shabby. :)

  2. They are back at $45. Thank god. lol

  3. They are back at $45 But for how long? Gonna buy my asap.

  4. i'm just gonna say it: though I like Victor, his leftover crowd will, if not ruin, greatly tarnish the Sunday School vibe this year. hope i'm wrong. either way, Soul Clap will blow that place up proper.