Tuesday, May 12, 2009

DEMF Afterparty Picks - Round 1: Friday May 22nd

First up isn't technically an afterparty, but a PREparty.
Many of us will be Arriving in Detroit the day or night prior to the actual festival, and happily there will already be things going on.

My recommendation:
The Bunker - Detroit Edition @ Oslo

Hosted by The Bunker, New York's longest running strictly-techno party, this event promises to be much the same as one of their excellent nights in Brooklyn.

Headlining is Jan Krueger, Hello?Repeat label boss and last year's most standout DJ in Detroit (for me anyways). If his festival-exclusive performance here isn't enough to draw you, rounding out the lineup is Derek Plaslaiko, one of the most consistently great techno DJ's I've seen, and Bunker resident Spinoza.

I expect it to be a laid back (and hopefully not very crowded) night full of fantastic music, a perfect way to kick off the weekend.

If you arrive even earlier in the day on the 22nd, you might drop by and check out Grimace's Pre-Festival BBQ @ Corktown Tavern, now in its seventh year, and featuring at least 10 DJ's and grilled food. It starts at 5pm and runs throughout the evening.

By: Reuben Sweeney

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