Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kepping it organized

If your friends are anything like me and my friends; they should have their own particular "party schedule". It's a good idea because with the all the events going on at the same time, it’s kind of hard to keep things straight. I myself admit I've actually showed up at the wrong party, on the wrong day, at the wrong venue.

And it seems to me, everyone has there own way of organizing there schedule. From the simple excel spread sheet, to Google calendar. The one above is my favorite one, it's my friend Gabe's creative illustration of his party agenda. Thumbs way up.

Some tips for your WMC schedules:
  • Always be on the look out, things change frwquently when it comes to the parties down here, things get moved, cancelled, venue and line up changes are not a rare occurance.
  • Don't over plan and be anal about it. Keep some space open for the unexcpected.
  • You don't have to pencil it in but do plan on: resting, bathing and eating. Sounds so basic, but people do tend to go multiple days with out doing all of the above.
  • If your going to space or any of the bigger venues, read the fine print on your tickets there's usually a cut off time. So DO plan on getting there before that time, or you can kiss your ticket goodbye.

1 comment:

  1. I kept it realistic and left the "under construction" sign at the bottom right corner... it is subject to change...
    (already did, they moved sci+tec)
    oh and I will bathe, eat & rest ;P
    see ya soon!!!