Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Review: Output Club NY


Photo of the exterior before it was purchased.

Location - N 12th and Wythe

Output Club
Address:  74 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211 (Greenpoint)
MTA Stop: Nassau on the G

   · The name is "Output"
   · 452 person-capacity main club
   · A back room and rooftop area
   · Funktion One sound
   · Full bar
   · Some type of dining component ??? TBD
   · Techno and house music

     Sound 5 STARS
     Venue 5 STARS
     Lighting 5 STARS
     Ambiance 5 STARS
     Staff 4.5 STARS

The sound is crisp all around and it's a big space. Sounds great on BOTH floors. The best Funktion One SOUND in NYC!

The door is strict so don't be a cheesy person or piss them off and you'll be fine to get in.

Plenty of seating and no you don 't need a bottle to sit!!!!!  SAY WHAT! NO BOTTLE SERVICE!

The space is HUGE! and I hear its got a roof top for summer, can't wait.

But what about the lighting? it's warm and red and its not over powering its just right. Non of that nasty fake smog either. Oh and the best part is there is a panel of LEDs that runs along the second floor railing it changes color. There is another panel of lights that looks similar to the infamous Watergate in Berlin, that runs across the top.

So if you know your shit, Output is the closest to Berlin in the USA, as your gonna get.

Do yourself a favor and forget about bringing your camera, it's all about the experience. Do be lamer and pull out your phones. NO RECORDING ALLOWED! Thank the heavens and stars. Night clubs today are over saturated with 101 photographers taking pictures.


UPDATE 2/05/13: My ass just got handed to me because I posted photos of the club interior so I've taken them down.  SORRY! MY BAD! figured it was ok since the photo looked like it was super official thats what i get for ripping of the internet.

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